I met Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose today with my brother and that was one of the absolute highlights of my life.

They were so sweet and fun and friendly and a bit crazy- OMG I literally freaking met Nathan and Audrey!!

Lucas Bryant drew pancakes for me! And he discussed filming the classroom scene from the Friday’s episode with me!!! #hisfacethough

I’m sorry about this spam but I’m just so happy- that was the coolest day I can remember ever experiencing.

(Emily Rose doodled over that picture of Lucas Bryant for me. GREATEST. DAY. EVER.)

#it doesn’t seem possible, but this cast just KEEPS GETTING MORE AND MORE AWESOME #Lucas your face what is it doing #your hobo beanie #stahp STAAAAAHP #more to the point I love that they go on excursions like this #like do you reckon one day Eric was just like BITCHES WE NEED TO GO SURFING OKAY #and so they went surfing #and a great time was had by all


#YES THIS IS A VIDEO OF LUCAS BRYANT SINGING TO A BABY #YOU’RE WELCOME #needed it on my blog #and now I’m having insanely painful Nathan/Audrey feels #because they had a baby #and can you imagine Nathan singing to him? #i really can’t because when i do it makes my heart hurt too much #and then I start ugly crying #BUT BASICALLY THIS POST WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY HISFACETHOUGH AND HIS MAD PROPS GUITAR SKILLZ #STRUM THOSE CHORDS BABY

Haven finale tonight, I'm not ready

My anxiety over this television show, YES somewhere in my CREY MIND I do realize it’s a television show..is like unbearable. First I blame Andrea for all her theorizing this week, mainly for reminding me this show’s cliffhanger is going to mindfuck me..and most likely my ship. My biggest fear with that, Nathan goes bye bye physically or wiped from Audrey’s mind. Or vice versa. I obviously have a new undiagnosed mental illness with fangirling these two, but HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? Worse than that no word on Season 3. So if they end on a cliffhanger with No season 3 I will never get over it.
So am I the only one that has reached this level of crazy with this show? Does it make less crazy if I am fully aware of how crazy I am? I don’t know what I want you all to say to me, there there CREY. 6 seasons and a movie. NathanxAudrey will never be apart again. I need to get a life, but not till hiatus, Kk?
Please come join Sarah and company on twitter when we watch live. I might be out of my mind but I am still witty.


#JUST A CASUAL REMINDER THAT LUCAS WAS IN A SHOW CALLED MVP #and he was a hockey player or some shit #but that’s not relevant #what’s relevant is that he looks like a freaking #RAY OF SUNSHINE IN IT #and don’t even get me started on the BITCHFACE he’s got going on in the first image #I MEAN WHAT IS THAT #HOW IS THAT A FACE THAT YOU CAN MAKE #IT’S LIKE A SEXY ICE HOCKEY GLOWER SMIRK COMBO THINGY #IT’S A GLIRK #IDEK #see what you do to me Lucas #this is all your fault