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1) Favorite anime?
~ Mm, I have a few.. Ao Haru Ride, One Piece, Kaichou wa Maid Sama, and Akame Ga kill♡
2) Favorite characters?
~…ASDFGHKL, their’s to many to name! D: I’m sorry.
3) What’s your favorite type of anime?
~ ROMANCE! (/.\)
4) What anime deserves another season?
~ Magical Warfare! LIKE PLEASE!
5) What one’s would you recommend?
~ Magical Warfare! Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Strike the Blood, and every single anime out their!
6) What’s the most episodes you’ve watched in a row?
~ Uh. Not really sure ^^
7) First anime?
~ Naruto.
8) An anime you regret watching?
~ Every anime show I’ve watched, I just fell in love with♡ so none :3
9) What character are you most like?
~ idk, what character do you think I’m most like??
10) If it has a manga do you read that too?
~ Not really..
11) I hope you have a fantastic day!
~ Thank you! And thank you for tagging me♡ I hope you have a fantastic day as well!^^
My questions,
1) Coffee or Tea?
2) Favorite song?
3) Kitties or Puppies?♡♡
4) Favorite sweets?^^
5) What are you afraid of?
6) Favorite fruit?
7) Favorite pokemon?
8) If you had a Daughter/Son what would their name be?
9) What have you always wanted? And did you ever get it?
10) What cheers you up?
11) G’ah you’re so cute!(/.\) have an amazing day/night♡^^

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So I was in a nostalgic mood about past vma’s and I think for me there was something particularly special about 2005

because like there was themand these guysbut alsoand of course I could NEVER forget

which also gave us this picture 

and these

and of course

and let’s not forget how mcr arrived

in a friggin bank fault

also bonus for fall out boy winning for the iconic “Sugar We’re Going Down”

So yeah 2005 was the year the emo invaded and no one can tell me different


No one should be in pain. Everyone should love themselves like I love you all.”- Gerard Way


For the famous “Mouth of Truth” scene, Gregory Peck ad-libbed the joke where he pretends that his hand was bitten off in the mouth of the stone carving. Prior to filming the scene, Peck told director William Wyler that he was going to do the gag, but that they should not tell Audrey Hepburn. When Peck pulled his arm out of the stone carving’s mouth with his hand pulled up his sleeve, Hepburn’s horror and surprise was genuine. She gave what she later recalled was “a good and proper scream,” and the scene was finished in one take.