20 Favorite Female TV Characters

12. Olivia Pope

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman. She would be higher up on my list, but there has only been one season and the show came out this yr and it’s just not fair to characters I have loved most of my life….ANYWAY, LOVE LOVE OLIVIA!

Lets count the ways, 1. She is the smartest person in the room. 2. She is strong, assertive and independent. 3. She takes on political leaders and foreign dictators! 4. She is totally in love with a married man and I ain’t mad. 5. She runs a team of brilliant people that she has singlehandedly saved in some way. 6. She basically elected the show’s current president by herself. 7. She is written by Shonda Rhimes who is my all time hero, because she’s black, she’s a woman and she has 3 tv shows on primetime television UNHEARD OF PEOPLE!. 8. Whenever she grabs her designer bag and leaves the office you know it is ON! 9.  She is played by the gorgeous Kerry Washington.

Honestly, this show is great. It’s not Breaking Bad, but it’s a legitimately enjoyable and smart TV show. The romance could be completely trashy, but instead it is heartbreaking, honest and so romantic.

I cannot wait for season 2.




"She may not know how to cross clamp an aorta, but Haleh has been working in emergency medicine for twenty years, and if you would ever hop off that pedestal you’ve put yourself on, you might see that nurses make this place work. Not you."