favorite movie scenes


The #Spectre teaser trailer was exciting but #CasinoRoyale will always be our favorite Bond movie and scene…..hmmn wonder why?

Vesper (#EvaGreen): So as charming as you are Mr. Bond, I will be keeping my eye on our government’s money and off your perfectly formed arse

Bond (#DanielCraig): You noticed?

Vesper: Even Accountants have imagination.


So, a lot from G Soul’s Instagram. He uploaded a picture of FKA Twigs (you know that artist who’s with Robert Pattinson) as his #WCW.  He screenshotted a scene from Eddie Murphy: The Nutty Professor and captioned as”his favorite movie scenes of all time” AND he just recently like Azealia Banks’ instagram vid. He’s been showing mad love lately haha.

I’ll try to include the screenshots

the best monologue in cinematic history

i don’t have to do boo, forgive my potty mouth. i’m just… so CROSS with you, ralph. do you have ANY IDEA WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH???? i ran, higgledy piggledy all over creation looking for you. I ALMOST DROWNED IN CHOCOLATE MILK MIX. and then…….i met the most dynamite gal…… she gives me the honey glow something awful. BUT„„ she rebuffed my affections!! and then, I GOT THROWN IN JAIL

I’ll wait for you. 5:00 at the station. Every day. Until you come." – Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

One of the new paintings for my cinema-inspired solo show, which opens June 7th at Bottleneck Gallery! Strictly limited edition giclée prints will be available at the show and online afterwards!