I have always been a fan of marine related accessories or clothes, there is just something about them that is a little irresistible. Well, for me, as they remind me of adventures and careless times! Lol, random I know.

Anyway, I saw this ~*fashion site*~ again and I really love their items! They sell women’s apparel and today I’ll feature their Anchor Bracelets!

Let’s start with my ultimate faveeeee.

Anchor, helm, and infinity, bracelet! This comes together and I really want this. It matches my marine earrings and it’s just perfect! I love the color and how simple it looks!


If you don’t like the first one because of its color, then try the blue version of it. ;) It’s a bit different but it’s almost the same. 


This is really cute and fit for girly girls! I love this shade of pink and the charms are just……….. <3 


They have 14 designs for their anchor collection. I just showed you 3 of them but if you would like to view more then click this!

Favor21 does not only offer anchor bracelets but also women’s apparels. Their site is the cheapest wholesale site when it comes to shipping, because it’s free (haha what’s cheaper than free -__-) and I love their products!

Do visit them. :)



Favor21 review

HI this isn’t my normal stuff so apologies to followers just scroll past it okay. I’m only doing this review as I struggled to find any opinions of this site so thought I should write one for others.

I recently purchased some jewelry from Favor21 - which from the name I’m pretty sure you can presume it is an online store located in China that sells cheap accessories.

I was really tempted by how cheap some items are, as well as the postage which I believe was £1.95 for UK. There are also discounts available on the site and there were free gifts (but I didn’t understand the gift bit as the English was confusing). I overall did spend about £30, but I did order approximately 20 items.

I did take a risk as there was little information on this site, and my order was number 43. It took a bit less than a week for them to ship it, but one week later it arrived - it was very well packaged in a small box that did take me forever to open but I do find that an advantage for foreign orders. They noted my package down as a gift so I did not have to pay any subsequent tax or mail handling fees which I was very surprised at. One negative is that my phone number was on my address, which could be seen very easily. This could deter people but if I order from them again I would ask for my number to not be printed onto the sticker.

To me if you order cheap clothing/other items you should expect them to last less time than a product double the price. However everything was packaged in its own plastic wrapper and nothing was damaged. Amazingly everything looks great quality and durable.

I will note that some of their products had only one image, and nothing in the description. I avoided those as they are most likely the products that are different to the image, but everything I did order looked exactly the same in person as on the website.

I will add pictures and further information later as I’m on my tablet so pictures won’t add, but overall I would recommend Favor21 to anyone \o/