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Hi ! Do you know of anything i can write on a piece paper and carry it with me (an enchanment) to be loved by all ? Like to make you likeable to strangers and everyone you encounter? Thanks you handsome!

"To win the favor of powerful men you should write this, and always have it with you, and powerful men will like you very much."

From The Galdrabok translated by Stephen Flowers.

Favor - Closed RP


Only once in a blue moon did Kyle ever even think about asking Cartman for anything. He figured he’d have to be insane to ask him a favor and expect to get off scott free. Even if Cartman didn’t ask for anything in return there was always this smug implication that Cartman had something Kyle didn’t.

But Kyle was at his wits’ end.

He’d gotten into the hobby of mixing. FL Studio allowed him to make instrumentals of any genre of his choice on the computer. Once he got the hang of it he finally made something he was infinitely proud of… now it just needed a voice over it.

Kyle was picky, though. He needed a very specific type of voice. One with wide range, smoothness but also grit. And it just so happened that Cartman fit that bill. In the back of his mind Kyle was aware of that the entire time he heard this instrumental, but it was hitting him now fully that he’d practically developed an instrumental with Cartman’s voice in mind.

He’d heard Cartman sing several times before. He was a fucking show off with it sometimes. It was a wonder he hadn’t taken up singing. He knew he was good. 

For that reason, maybe this wouldn’t go too badly. He’d be effectively rubbing Cartman’s ego by asking him to sing.

When they were playing video games together, just the two of them, Kyle finally got the opportunity to ask him. 

"Hey, Cartman," He started, thinking to himself about how he should word this. "…Can I get you to record some vocal stuff?"  

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Hi! Can you list sucess spells and some luck spells please? Thanks.

"Another kaupaloki (deal-closer/business): Cut on a piece of beechwood and you will have success.

…Whoever carries these signs with him will meet no bad luck, neither ‘on sea nor on land.

Varnastafur Vladimars (Waldemar’s protective stave):
It increases popularity and luck for everyone who can work it. It came here from Germany and is therefore the best of these ancient signs. It should not be carved or written on anything except when someone is being tormented by something evil, and then it should be written with fish guts on the skin of a hen’s egg and put in the headdress of the person.

To win the love of a person
You should write this one and have it with you, and men will love you very much.”

– From various Icelandic/Teutonic manuscripts within The Galdrabok presented by Stephen Flowers

"Take cold cream and mix with rose water and the feather of a swallow. Anoint yourself with this and all men will love you and be friendly. You will be able to prevent quarrels between all those you meet…

Soak all the gold parts of the marigold in water for three days. Each day add more marigolds. Put in the juice of a little red wine and a white feather from a cock. Drink a few drops every day for a month, and your wealth shall increase, and men shall seek you out.”

– From Witches’ Potions and Spells by Kathryn Paulsen

There are also just a number of less ritualistic amulets, sachets, and charms you can carry with you to this end (often phallic objects, red/blue things, or natural materials of protective qualities such as oak, rowan, rue, lavender, sulfur etc.