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So I have been meaning to make a new favorites page (:

My top ten! (in no particular order!)

  • fit-personality: Katy Grace constantly inspires me and I am so in love with her blog and her life! Arizona is her home, college in Hawaii, and now she is in London for an internship - like seriously does it get any better than that!? Plus she has run a marathon, is super nice, and pretty!
  • happyhealthytrackster: Maddy is wonderful, kind, and inspiring! She is definitely my biggest motivation when it comes to running and her puppy is the cutest! Larri reminds me of Annabelle (:
  • Rachaeldee: Rachael is a huge inspiration to me! She is an amazing runner as well and also gets to travel many fantastic places! Her posts are all so pretty and motivating!
  • findinganswersintheheart: Sophie is the prettiest and most inspiring person I have ever known! She is such a beautiful person inside and out and has already overcome SO much in her life!
  • anna-learns-to-love-herself: Anna is seriously the greatest person I know ! She is so kind and loving and wonderful and I just want the very best for her in life!!
  • fruitasticharlotte: Charlotte is such an inspiration! Her blog is amazing and full of positivity! She is the sweetest person and is vegan! She has amazing advice when it comes to many things including recovery & veganism!
  • kaydoeshealthythings: Kay is so wonderful! She is such a great friend of mine and has such a wonderful blog full of amazing tips, recipes, workouts and more! She is also going to be a personal trainer !
  • lifebykyla: Kyla is a great friend of mine too! She is such a beautiful and inspirational person! Her blog is full of vegan recipes, beautiful selfies, and many inspirational quotes! 
  • runningtothefinish: Jess is such an inspiration to me! She is an amazng runner, has great style, and loves animals! She posts all about running, her life, and her yummy vegan recipes!
  • running-raspberry: Naomi is such a great friend of mine and is actually my roommate! She is basically my personal trainer and she shows me workouts all of the time! Plus she teaches fitness classes at our gym! So if you ever need any workout ideas or help definitely go to her (:

So basically all of these people are wonderful and they all inspire me so much! If you are not following them please go check them out :D

anonymous said:

Give me your top five favorite female characters from film!!

oh jeez so many amazing ladies

  • Princess Leia - Star Wars (1977)
  • Shosanna Dreyfuss - Inglourious Basterds (2009)
  • Ellen Ripley - Alien (1979)
  • Éowyn - The Two Towers/Return of the King (2002, 2003)
  • Maude - Harold and Maude (1971)