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Miniature Railway - Windmill Farm Railway Part Two


The Brisbane Writers Festival is fast approaching! I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a few months now and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to meet some really amazing authors! Here are the events that I’ll be attending:


Madness, Melancholia and Creativity | Kate Richards, David Malouf, Ellen Van Neerven
This World and the Next | Lani Taylor, Isobelle Carmody, Kirilee Barker, Trent Jamieson


When the Night Comes | Favel Parrett, Emily Philip
Women and Prizes | Sophie Cunningham, Karen Joy Fowler, Claire Wright, Fiona Stager
The Bond of Women | Kimberley Freeman, Josephine Moon, Frances Whiting
Betty Churcher: Australian Notebooks | Betty Churcher, Chris Saines

| The full BWF program can be found here |

roden1x1s said:

"I… I’m just disappointed in you." | "How could you do this to me?" | "You're bleeding!"

"I… I’m just disappointed in you."

Aaron knew he’d broken his promise. He’d promise that he wouldn’t take any more drugs, because that was a promise he’d thought he could keep. He was only in it for the money anyway, but the high made it bearable. Olivia had changed that, though. ”Liv… Look, I’m sorry, okay? I fucked up and I don’t have an excuse for it.”


"How could you do this to me?"

He rolled his eyes at her, pulling her closer to have her in his arms. She was tiny, and it was the cutest thing. ”Don’t be so dramatic, short-stack. You know you suck at Mario Kart and I’m not the kind of guy to let a girl win.” He grinned at her, tucking his chin against the top of her head. ”You’ll get over it.”


"You’re bleeding!"

”Thank you for stating the obvious, Miss Med-Student. Are you going to say anything else helpful or just break out the rubbing alcohol?”


Meeting The Neighbours || Favell

A fist colliding with his nose made a horrible crunching sound, and Aaron fell to the floor. He wasn’t a weak man, but it was some blow and he hadn’t been expecting it. One minute one of his new customers had been complaining about the quality of his stock, and the next, he was being punched in the nose. ”Dude,” He rasped out, sitting up as his head span and he managed to stand up.

A brawl ensued, ending with smashed lamps and a very messy apartment. He wasn’t sure how it all ended, but soon, he was left on the floor, a bloody nose coupled with a lot of cuts and bruises. He was in a pretty bad state, but there was no way he could go to the hospital. What would he say? He got into a fight over the quality of his smack?

He needed help. Pulling himself up, he stumbled out of his trashed apartment, a bloody nose and a bloody lip, cuts covering him. His eyes fell on the door opposite his. He’d seen the girl that lived there, and saw the big, chunky books she carried around. Limping forwards, he banged loudly on the door, waiting for her to answer.


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Miniature Railway - Windmill Farm Railway Part One

lydiamrps said:

"May need you to bail me out of jail." / "Without you, I’m lost."

"May need you to bail me out of jail."

“May, or do? This isn’t something to be joking about, Aaron. This shit.. This is expensive. How am I supposed to explain to my parents that the money they’re giving me to pay for my books is going to spring you from prison?”


"Without you, I’m lost."

“Does this mean that you’re following my lead? I don’t really know where I’m going. Can we get lost together?”



Jen krátký článek abych vám všem popřál dobrý začátek školy! 

Byl jsem včera ve favele, která je asi 10 minut od mého domu. Šel jsem tam s mým tátou, a společně s dalšíma lidma z křešťanského klubu rozdávat jídlo, a hrát křesťanské písně čtyřem rodinám. Budu to teď dělat každý měsíc. 
Je to fakt síla, jako fakt. Viděl jsem spousta filmů, ať dokumentárních nebo Rychle a zběsile, ale vidět to naživo je fakt jiný. Úplně všude jsou odpadky. Osmiletá holka k nám přišla a nabídla nám drogy. 
Chtěl jsem fotit i uvnitř, ale bylo mi to blbý před těma lidma. Možná příště. 
Každopadně, buďte rádi, že do školy můžete :D dcera rodiny, jejíž zahrada je na fotce do školy nemůže. 


When the Night Comes by Favel Parrett


Scott Says: Parrett’s new novel glides over deep waters as gracefully as the freighter it describes. Although perhaps that’s not the best metaphor—after all the ship in focus, the Nella Dan, was famously trapped in Antarctic ice for seven weeks. Plus the book opens with protagonist Isla and her brother being sick on a tumultuous night on board. But still. There’s a dreamy sense of nostalgia to this novel , an elliptical approach to the lives of these characters that evokes the steady passage of a ship over sea.

Available Now.