Margot Robbie Gif Hunt


These are gifs that contain Australian actress Margot Robbie, most known for her role as Naomi. All the gifs under the cut are small to medium and mostly HQ. Some are NSFW.

300+ gifs under the cut.

None of these are mine. All credit goes to the rightful owners. Please like or reblog if using. Request more gif hunts here. Feel free to ask for this gif hunt to be made downloadable. 

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Troy Baker Gif Hunt


These are gifs that contain the amazing and ridiculously attractive voice actor Troy Baker. He has a heap of gifs and I’ve only ever seen him in a roleplay once and I definitely want to change that. Most of these are small to medium gifs, HQ.

400+ gifs under the cut.

None of these are mine. Please like or reblog if using. Request more gif hunts here.

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Rita’ Favorite Fc: 

@breezybaddass or Bree Westbrooks.

I hate when people sleep on her just because she’s a WB. She’s honestly underused when she can be used as so much. She can be played by a hood girl, a plus sized/thick girl etc. I would recommend her because she has that diversity that urban rpgs need sometimes.. just don’t put have her sister in the open roles. 


The Favorite Faces → Georgie Henley

Where You’ve Seen Her → The Chronicles of Narnia (Lucy Pevensie)

Why I Love Her → So many reasons. First of all, she’s got a lot of gifs. I participate in a lot of gif chats - so lots of gifs are a good thing. Her gifs are also mainly happy and she’s smiling or waving or laughing. There’s so many good ways you can take them. Then, for the sad scenes, you have your occasional one where she looks sad. Oh, there’s also some where she’s exasperated and angry.

Common Biography → She tends to play the sweetheart, the one everyone loves, the niave innocent princess. Or, anything like that really. She’s a sweet heart. People tend to go on the basis of her gifs, where she’s always giggling and smiling and laughing, to make her a happy person with not many problems because she’s good at forgetting things. So on.

Hey, look! It’s a Plot Twist! → Georgie could be the biggest bitch ever. She’s a girl who’ll smile, laugh, carry on and pretend to be your best friend just so she can give you a hug only so she can bury a knife to the hilt in your back. She doesn’t have many friends friends who really know how she is, but the ones that do are scared to death of her. Everyone else is convinced she’s a perfect, sweet angel because of her smiling face and seeming happy all the time personality. But they’re all wrong. She’s plotting her way up to the top of the social tower, she’s got a quarter of a ladder left and she’ll do anything to get there. (Or something like that. Just go against the normal.)

Rita’s Favorite Fc: 

@Ashleygraham__ aka Baddasshhh

Funny how I stole this FC from one of my friends even though she let me have her after while.. she’s one of my favorites. She has a variety of pictures you can use but since being hacked she has a serious lack of pictures. She’s one my faves forreal.

anonymous asked:

What's your fave male fcs to see in oc rps?

Underused or overused?

Overused: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Sharman, Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin

Underused: Zach Roerig, Charles Michael Davis, Charlie Hunnam