Tokyo Ghoul Terms
Masks are worn by ghouls to protect their identities as ‘humans’ from being discovered by the CCG.

All I can think of after 1x19 is

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// nfff see if I did reblog that guess the faves meme I prolly would be stuck thinking about it much less even trying to make an order :T

i admittedly know very little about the daredevil comics so this show is very much a first in depth encounter with him for me (aside from the bit part he had in the current black widow run) and one of my fave things rn is how matt is not the infallible super dude

like he’s obviously very skilled in combat and everything else but consistently it’s shown that his absolute strongest suit is being able to take the WORST god damn beating and still get up (whether it be to fight or get away to recover and try again)

i really love that idk