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Touhou Fandom and Imperishable Night fans right now.

And cerastes for having his favs appear oN GAMES.

anonymous asked:

I see Noctis was taken off the list...I can understand why you denied him, but I'd like to point out that people responding to this very blog have complained that their favs have appeared while Noctis hasn't and deserves to.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I understand your message. A lot of people’s faves have appeared on this blog. In fact, this blog was created because of one of my faves. 

Trying to get muse to write
ended up watching Justice League for three hours

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In the sneaker world, you gotta keep up with the times or become a fossil. Go to athletic retailer Foot Locker makes sure they remain a choice destination for copping kicks with the launch of their new smartphone mobile app for iOS and Android.  The Foot Locker App also boasts Shoemojis (available for free within […]

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