Updated sting trailer for Faultline 49.


We’ve been asked by David’s family to terminate all accounts related to his work. Respecting them and their wishes, this will be the last post.

David Danson has brought disparities in the narrative of the North American conflict to light, and for that suffered what we can only construe to be the last in a long series of suppressive manoeuvrings. Faultline 49 stands as his record, and perhaps his defense.

We remember him for his journalistic integrity and his tenure at The Network

Best regards,

Ian Card and J MacKinnon

Guy Faux Books, Toronto

“Imagine the Sept. 11, 2001 destruction in New York happened to Edmonton’s own downtown World Trade Centre and adjacent Westin Hotel, blackening the Alberta capital’s skies. That the Canadian government demanded extradition of the American bomber, and was ignored by our neighbours. That a resulting revenge cycle of petty murders within the two formerly friendly nations escalated into the “November Bombings” of Quebec Hydro, resulting in the winter deaths of 2,500 east coast Americans. Imagine, then, President Bush having the easy excuse to send troops across our border — especially into Alberta — to protect America’s energy security, defying U.N. resolutions as easily as public opinion. And thus, step by step, a Can-American War erupted.”

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