Artifacts faucet collection:

Showerhead and handshower
Valve trim

Artifacts lets you personalize your faucets for a look that’s all your own. Shower faucets are shown here with the Kathryn shower base. In the bathing area, a Vintage tub and Bancroft pedestal sinks underscore the room’s elegant style.

Design your faucet.


Tap Tuesday everyone! Here I have gathered the top 10 hottest faucets I’ve seen (so far).  Starting at the top, LED lights can make any tap shine! Off to the next row down, starting from the left, somewhat average design, however the sleek modern look and blue accent adds quite a lot to a washroom!  Next you have a personal favourite, a hands-free! Very nice look as well, the slim faucet is very new and bright.  Next, oh ho ho, we have a change in the line-up!  A styled faucet, a fish!  As long as it stays shiny, I enjoy the look! Great for an outdoors-y house.  Next we have another hands-free, a Japanese design, very eccentric!  The next one is probably my favourite design, the look is just so futuristic.  Also, hands-free (woot woot).  Next we have a more common look, however the modern shine is very nice.  After that, you have a neat little tap, this one looks like it would have a lower water pressure than most, but it looks very nice.  And the last one, finally has some colour to it!  Very nice design.
Coming up later, Tap Tuesday’s Worst Taps!

Mga pareng kong gripo

Just trying to get rid of stress while waiting for Lily to send me the English video. :(

Friday was fun but, it was the most.. dead (?) field trip I’ve gone to. That’s fine tho.

When we took these, everyone was staring at us and now that I see them again.. I’m like “Ohh, so that’s why they were staring..” =))

Cute Faucets pictures right here, too bad Weese and Jud weren’t able to come. Never na yata magkakaroon ng kumpleto. OTL

So ano mas gusto niyo..Siga Faucets?


Or trying hard malalanding Faucets? =)))


Or (ang true colors) Jeje Faucets?


Any, Thanks for the pics, Frances~