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Finally it’s done!
After hours upon hours of working on this project it’s finally done. This was my 3rd Quarter Project for my highschool advanced film/animation class, and all the frame-by-frame animation done here was self taught. (it’s an independent project class basically)

Credit to Blue’s design goes to Finley
Blue was voiced by Tamara 
Shutter was voiced by Nate
(Thank you guys for your help! I couldn’t have done it without you)

fatuousfeline said:

Hiya! Your cosplays are really wonderful! I think they are really polished and nice and I think that you do a great job :3 The thing I was wondering though was about photo-shoots. I have really just begun cosplaying, but I really enjoy it and I kinda want to take some nice picture of my cosplay as well as my friends! So how do photo-shoots work? Is it your Camera, a friend, a pro? Thanks a bunch <3 sorry if this question seems silly :O

oh no it’s not a silly question at all, and I’m glad you like my cosplays! 


I usually get my photos taken by my friends, and while they’re not “professionals”; they generally go to cons as photographers and have been doing it for years, so they know what they’re doing! They’ve just experimented for a while until they find what works and what doesn’t work! And photoshoots with them are always really chill; they know what they’re doing and they’ll help you with poses and such. C: If you’re looking for a photographer, or you’re interested in photography and want to talk to someone who does it; I’d recommend checking out and talking to some cosplay photographers; like kdoranphoto, skwinkography, elementalphotos, apprivoiseanimejcosplay, tradanui, or fenyxdesign! (those are just all the ones I can think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s a lot more!)