I finally went through all of the Bride’s wedding photos. So here’s me, a fat, tattooed, bespectacled bridesmaid. I looked pretty fantastic.

PS: About a month ago a lady in the shop WHO WAS GETTING A BRAND-LIKE TATTOO OF HER BOYFRIEND’S INITIALS was talking about how her sister had a visible tattoo in her bridesmaid’s dress at their mother’s wedding and how “it looked so trashy.” All of my tattoos were covered that day and I didn’t feel like starting shit but seriously lady, tattoos aren’t trashy, just your attitude and judgements.


Today in the pharmacy (part, like, 3 or something), the woman interviewing me saw the tattoos on my wrists and asked me what they say. Well, one says “memory” and the other says “fat girl.”  She looked at me like she wanted to save my poor little soul and said “Now why would you get that?” I asked her, “Are you ashamed that you have light hair?” She said, “No.” I said, “Well I’m not ashamed I am fat. It’s just part of who I am and part of my experience as a human. Moreover, I like it. I like being part of Fat society.” She said, “I see what you mean.”

New tattoo! KKB and JAB are my grandparents’ initials. My grandfather passed in 2005 from a brain aneurysm and my grandmother passed last week from complications due to lung cancer.

They were both a very important part of my life and I wanted a tattoo to keep them close at all times. <3