In honor of the death threats I received because of my fatness, here are the rest of the photos from today. 

Bless my double chin. Bless my soft tummy. Bless my touching thighs. Bless my flabby arms, my muscled calves, and my thin ankles. Bless the way my eyes close when I smile without thinking. Bless my jiggly boobs, that refuse to let any garment fit the way it “should.” 

Bless the hard fucking work I have to do to love myself every day, and bless the fact that I am surviving. Bless the days I cry. Bless the mornings I pass the mirror without looking. Double-bless the mornings I concentrate on my reflection and ask g-d why I was made so damn perfect. 

I will not let other people’s vocalization for the hate of my body to be the end-all. I get to be the one to finish these “conversations”. The discussion of my body is a discourse that only I get to have control of, and my rules are positivity only. I will turn the daggers of distasteful, unsolicited body hate into swords of self-love. 



I’m proud of my curves and will show them off if I want too. These curves hide for no one


This is for all the nights I cried myself to sleep, all the days where I decided to stay in instead of going out. This for the days where I thought I was worthless because of how I look. This is for the people who tormented me and still do. This is for all the people who told me to give up, and die because of how I looked. This is for all the guys who turned me down because they were embarrassed to date a fat girl. This is to the young me who didn’t wanna grow up because of fear it would get worse. This is me now. A girl whos faced a lot in my short life. A girl who’s spent her whole life hating herself. It’s taken me years to really see the true beauty that I am today. I am no longer scared, I am no longer fearful. People and their stares, people and their words don’t hurt me anymore. I am not ashamed of my body. No one should ever be ashamed of their body. I view myself worthy. That I deserve to live. Deserve to be fucking fierce💣💣