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I need advice. I recently got a couple of crop tops because a) they were on sale and b) I love how crop tops look. The problem is I haven't worn any myself and I'm still on the fence about wearing them in public - I'm a small fat lady (US 14 to 16 usually) but a lot of my weight is centered around my belly and I'm not sure how to work up the nerve to just wear the damn things anyway

Change your visual diet! I’m a chunky, short, size 16 lady and there was a time when crop tops petrified me. Sometimes they still do. But I make a point of seeking out pictures of people looking happy and wonderful in things that frighten me. It makes me want to join them.

In the hopes that this could work for you: Join me!!!!


💔"Those calendar girls ain’t got nothing on me // I could break your heart any day of the week.“💔

Mandy Moore "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of The Week”

Lace button-up dress - Forever 21
Pink crop top - Forever 21
Jeggins - Target
Necklace set - Forever 21

According to my husband, I looked like an ‘autumn forest witch’ today 😅

Invalid reasons for me to lose weight
  • So I can fit into trendy clothes:I don't need to fit your aesthetic. My clothes are exactly what I want them to be.
  • So I don't have to ask for a seatbelt extension when I fly:It's my vacation. Judge yourself. I deserve my fun!
  • So I don't have to squish myself so you can walk behind the chair I'm sitting in:go the other way if you don't think you can make it by.
  • I don't need to fit your societal norms:I deserve to take up as much space as I'd like, same as you. How about you do you and I'll do me, Kay?

Red Roses & Lilacs

Contrary to popular belief, I do indeed wear the occasional outfit that isn’t entirely pastel. I ended up wearing this to a stagette for dear friends of mine. This dress is so comfortable and makes quite the impression. Please also note the Sailor Mars cameo charm. In case anyone thought for a moment I wasn’t a nerd.

Dress: Lady V London
Cardigan: City Chic
Shoes: ?? (Aldo, I think.)