Making Progress

In a fit of inspiration, I’ve managed to make it to the gym twice in the past week, which is more than I have gone in the past two months.
I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m actually pretty excited about the whole thing.
Maybe it’s the change of seasons (Autumn is my favourite) or the feeling of peace that came with coming home from our trip, but I’m loving the motivation I’ve had since then to be more active. Let’s hope it keeps up.
fatmaninalittlesuit challenged his followers to share something they’re proud of in terms of meeting goals, so here’s my contribution!

PS: To my followers, why don’t you share some of your goal-reaching stories, too? I’d sure love to read ‘em!

15 things that make me happy ☺️

I got tagged by lifewith-no-regrets- (thanks so much yo!!!!!)

1. My kitty
2. My family (namely my brother and my mum)
3. My best friend who lives in Perth that I see in one week from today 😄
4. The feeling after a good workout
5. When you’re sitting inside snuggled up and it’s pouring with rain outside
6. Cuddles
7. Discovering new music you adore
8. Laughing till you cry
9. Road trips
10. Getting parcels in the mail
11. The ocean
12. When people say “this reminded me of you”
13. Travelling to new places
14. Doing my make-up
15. Seeing old friends and being able to connect with them immediately

I tag (omg this is so hard) narcogains spinachandchocolate fatmaninalittlesuit choosepositivity getfitnotslim 😘😘😘

Want to listen to something that will piss you off?

First off, if you’re not a listener of Fatman on Batman you should be.

Now, download this episode.  (Released this week; it was recorded in early November.)

Take it up to the 21:00 mark to hear Kevin Smith to gush on Beware the Batman for almost twenty minutes.  If you want to skip that, it’s OK.  Start at 39:00 and listen to Paul Dini kill his dreams at 39:30.

Of course, you already know that Beware the Batman was pulled from the schedule, so why should this enrage you all over again?

You must listen to the following ten-ish minutes.

Dini describes the thinking of Cartoon Network execs … and it goes beyond the $imple $elling of toy$.  It almost sounds like misogyny.

Listen to it.