And away he goes…my baby boy!
I have enjoyed my life up until now watching my little eagles at home in the nest. I have cherished the years of ensuring their comfort and safety at home. I much now watch with pride and confidence as my eagles take flight and soar! I am proud of you son! I will now enjoy the life of watching you and your siblings fly among the clouds! Know that wherever you are I am there with you!
I love you…Dad😘
#fathersway #children #son #familia #love (at US Airways Terminal Reagan National Airport)

From Gastroposter Sonya Davidson: 

Father’s Day - easy morning with a chocolate almond croissant warmed up and cappuccino! Before the kids wake up!!

From Gastroposter Hawk Shepherd, via Instagram:

This weekend I spent a lot of time with someone who’s teaching me a lot about what being a father is all about. This delicious raspberry and pistachio dessert was a perfect treat after we scored some fun stuff for his kids at the Trinity Bellwoods Park Garage Sale.