{AU} Father's Day ● Post Azkaban Blackinnon

Background: A few months have passed since the trial. After being acquitted of all charges, Sirius bought a large, secluded home in the countryside for himself. He has a room for his godson and son, and many other guest rooms. Marlene spends most of her time there but Sirius has yet to actually let her spend the night in his bedroom instead of a guest room.


School was over for all Hogwarts students, which for Sirius meant seeing his two sons more. Dumbledore, to his annoyance, was making Harry stay a few weeks at the Dursleys. Sirius pestered Harry to use his mirror more often in order to make sure he was safe. Sirius saw James nearly every day and he often spent the night with his mother, just as they had the night before.

It was Sunday morning and he decided to cook breakfast for James and Marlene before they woke. With twelve years stolen from him, he’d decided to learn many things, one of them being cooking. He was already finishing the pancakes and eggs when he heard someone enter the kitchen. “Morning,” Sirius greeted.

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