Father’s Day Photoset: Bruce & Cass

Okay. We knew I was going to have to talk about Cass and Bruce.

I adore these two and this relationship. Everyone makes a big to-do (and rightfully so) about the special dynamic that each Bat Kid added to the Bat Family through their introduction. Dick literally saved the soul of Bruce Wayne; Barbara invigorated the will and need for Batman; Jason taught Bruce more than any of the others about being a father; Tim reminded Bruce about the necessity of a partner; Steph gave Bruce a look into raw willpower; Damian gave Bruce a mirror to look through. 

But we so often as a fandom find it hard to equate what Cass brought to the family through these simple terms. Perhaps because, like so much with Cass, it seems to be beyond words.

But Cass, from the beginning, was a symbol. She was the embodiment of Bruce’s mission, and she reminded him more than any other before her that the heart of Batman is ultimately, decisively human. She taught him that while tragedy can bear a certain strength, choosing to live beyond it is more powerful and more inspiring.

Cass embodied what Bruce always wanted Batman to stand for. And she provided him the chance to be a father again when, for so long after Jason, he couldn’t manage to think of doing so.

That’s why I love Cassandra. That’s why Bruce loved Cassandra. And that’s why you can’t leap over her time in his history, because Tim opened the door for partners again, but Cass opened Bruce’s heart to a family.


(Sorry; I stole Wilf as the face-claim for Mr. Potter)

"You’re leaving?"

Sirius paused at the whisper. He had made it to the edge of the porch. Resisting a groan, he turned to face the elderly man.

"Why?" Mr. Potter calmly asked.

"I…" Sirius’ explanation was caught in his throat, "I can’t do it, Mister Potter. I can’t accept your…"

"Our what?"

"Charity," Sirius muttered.

Mr. Potter raised his eyebrows and asked, “You’re too proud to stay here?”

"Of course not," Sirius earnestly said, "You know me better than that."

"I do," Mr. Potter agreed, "I know you all too well."

The wind tousled their hair and clothes. Sirius shivered and realized that Mr. Potter was closely examining him.

"I’ll be alright," Sirius quietly said.

"I know," Mr. Potter softly said, "You’ll be just fine."

Sirius turned and he added, “But, imagine what I’m going to go through.”

Sirius glanced over his shoulder, his eyebrows arched.

"Think of what James is going to say," Mr. Potter explained, "Or for that matter, my wife. Crikey, she’ll nag me until Christmas, if she finds out that I let you go."

A smile tugged at Sirius’ lips. Mrs. Potter would do just that.

"Sirius," Mr. Potter exclaimed, "If you don’t come in, I’ll never hear the end of it."

Sirius stared at him for a moment before silently nodding.

"Then come on in," Mr. Potter whispered, "We’ll have tea. Blimey, this cold air is going right to my bones."

Sirius hesitated but found himself following the elderly man back into the house. Mr. Potter closed the door and they silently headed into the kitchen. Sirius was shocked to see that two mugs of tea were already on the counter, freshly brewed several minutes ago.

He glanced at Mr. Potter for an explanation.

"Sirius," Mr. Potter warmly said, "I know you all too well."

Sirius sighed and brought the mug to his lips. He lowered it and softly said, “Thanks, Mister Potter.”

Happy Father’s Day