so some of you may have heard by now that my father was killed in a car crash this morning

his funeral is going to be in the Philippines about a week from now and I’m broke with no current way to get there, and a round trip ticket is about a thousand dollars

anything helps so please if you have anything to spare I would really appreciate it, and if not, please please signal boost this i really want to be at his funeral

my paypal email is vampiressnj@hotmail.com

We’ve been waiting forever to do this, to talk about this. Five years ago, we released our first album, What It Takes to Move Forward. This was before most of our fans knew who we were or what was going on in the whole “emo revivial” scene, before that whole scene was really a thriving place. The original pressing was 1000 2xLPs and 1000 CDs, along with a cassette version and Japanese Import. As many of you know, the plates for the vinyl went missing/were damaged, but also the original art was gone forever on some dead hard drive from a few computers ago. When it sold out, it sold out quietly and we thought, “Ok, that’s that. On to our next release. We will never need to press that again.”

Years went by, and things began to pick up. The scene grew and people became aware of our first LP. It became a staple in the introduction of the new wave of bands coming out, which was very, very flattering. People started asking about it, and the second-hand prices started rising to silly heights. But we were focused on writing a new LP and besides that, the high costs of pressing combined with losing all the art files and damaged plates made it almost impossible to even consider doing it again. 

Now our second LP is out (yay!) and we can focus on other things. Our fans have always been beyond incredible and supportive to us, and we wanted to give something back. So without further ado:

We are excited to say What It Takes to Move Forward is getting repressed on vinyl and CD! 

It was really important to us that if we going to do this, we were going to this right. On the original pressing, space was a constraint at the plant we pressed the vinyl, so we had to rearrange the songs in a slightly different order than we intended (like it was on the original CD version). This time, we were able to cut it at a plant that allowed us to put it back in the original order that we intended. IN ADDITION TO THAT, we had enough space to put on the two bonus tracks that were exclusive to the cassette and Japanese import on the record. So now, discs A, B, and C are the original album in proper order, and D is all the bonus tracks from the What It Takes sessions. Disc D now includes “Archival Footage” and “So How Many Points…”. We also had this side remastered so it matched the rest of the album and flowed perfectly. This pressing sounds way better than the first one! 

We still needed to recreate or track down the original art, and as luck would have it, the place where we get our jackets printed (shout out to Imprint Indie Printing, Inc.) had kept the original art on file. This allowed us to maintain the integrity of the original and modify it to reflect the new track listing and some other small changes. Those of you who had the original know the print inside is incredibly tiny, so we fixed that to make it readable, along with re-envisioned the inside to flow better. Empire! Empire! was just Keith and Cathy at the time of the recording, so we swapped out the band picture to a time-accurate picture of the two of them. 

The pre-orders will go up at Count Your Lucky Stars Records on Tuesday. This pressing is limited to 1000, with 500 on Black 180 Gram, and 500 on Splatter (Disc A/B pink on clear, Disc C/D gray on clear). They will be shipping out in early February. 


We thought, “What the heck, the album is getting repressed and it’s been 5 whole years- let’s play the entire album from front to back for a special show”. Then we decided, let’s just make this a whole tour! 

So we called our besties in Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers to come with us and set up a 10-day tour where, every night, we played the whole thing for you. Next week, we will announce the exact venues and details, but here are the dates and cities:

Thu Jan 29 Cleveland, OH
Fri Jan 30 Chicago, IL
Sat Jan 31 Lansing, MI
Sun Feb 1 OFF, watching the Lions win the Super Bowl. 
Mon Feb 2 Toronto, ON
Tue Feb 3 Rochester, NY
Wed Feb 4 New York, NY
Thu Feb 5 Boston, MA
Fri Feb 6 New Haven, CT
Sat Feb 7 Philadelphia, PA
Sun Feb 8 Pittsburgh, PA

Some of these songs have never been played live! 

PHEW! Sorry that was so long.

tl;dr: We are repressing What It Takes to Move Forward again, it’s better this time, and we are going on tour and playing it all.

Thanks for being the best fans! We love you! ♥♥♥♥


Kublai insisted on a Chinese name. Jingim. Remind me of its meaning.