Okay. Fateverse Buffy!AU

Buffy: Arturia
Willow: Sakura
Xander: Shirou??
Giles: Kirigutsu
Cordelia: Illy
Oz: Shinji
Angel: who fucking cares fuck angel
Spike: Gilgamesh
Finn: Archer
Dawn: Zero!Rin
Tara: Medea because they’re both perf. witches

anonymous asked:

*sobs fervently on your shoulder at the mention of Dreams of Waking Man*

I haven’t even finished the whole series, I had to download them to my Kindle so that I could read them in a warm place with my cat close at hand, because they’re amazing and they make me want to cry about one hundred percent of the time.

…Although I’ve made fun of it pretty regularly, Fate/Extra Archer (Read the one in green whose name I won’t disclose because spoilers) actually was well written and had a good story.

As in… A really neat story arc. I liked he and his Master. They played off one another really well. And they were original to the game, unlike Shinji who died sniveling on the ground because he does that no matter what parallel timeline he is in, apparently.

I didn’t like Rin THAT much before I watched episode 17, but she just decked Caster in the face which makes her perfect in my books.