Fate/Stay Night (2014)


The upcoming Fate/stay night TV anime has been revealed to be an adaption of the original visual novel’s “Unlimited Blade Works" route.
This particular adaption is being marketed as a sequel to 2011’s Fate/Zero, which is an adaption of a prequel novel series that takes place 10 years prior to Fate/stay night.

UFOtable (Fate/Zero, Kara no Kyoukai/Garden of Sinners) will be handling the animation with Takahiro Miura (Garden of Sinners Movie 6) directing, Tomonori Sudou (Fate/Zero, Garden of Sinners) in charge of character designs, and Hideyuki Fukasawa (Vividred Operation, Flowers of Evil, Street Fighter 4) composing the music.

This new anime will be split into two seasons. The first season will start airing on October 4, 2014, with the second season starting in April 2015.

UFOtable has released a 3 minute long trailer for this new adaption, which one can watch here.

For those who do not have any knowledge of the Fate universe, I heavily recommend giving Fate/Zero a watch. It may be a prequel, but it does a great job of explaining the world and its mechanics, as well as being an excellent show. Fate/Zero is also available for streaming on Netflix in North America right now.


anonymous said:

*sobs fervently on your shoulder at the mention of Dreams of Waking Man*

I haven’t even finished the whole series, I had to download them to my Kindle so that I could read them in a warm place with my cat close at hand, because they’re amazing and they make me want to cry about one hundred percent of the time.

…Although I’ve made fun of it pretty regularly, Fate/Extra Archer (Read the one in green whose name I won’t disclose because spoilers) actually was well written and had a good story.

As in… A really neat story arc. I liked he and his Master. They played off one another really well. And they were original to the game, unlike Shinji who died sniveling on the ground because he does that no matter what parallel timeline he is in, apparently.

guidance || hylianxprince

The young man whose shadow she stood in wasn’t exactly what she had expected when she was informed that she would greet the Hylian ambassador. What Fortuna had anticipated was someone with an oily and suspicious mannerism, maybe someone female, certainly not someone with such a kind and open face.

His long hair also made her quirk a brow — that was a tradition of her tribe. It wasn’t so common to see a long-haired human or Hylian. Apparently, he had done some research into his duty before the queen had sent him to negotiate with the Gerudo. But this alone wasn’t quite enough to convince her that he cared very much about her culture or her people.


The small girl’s golden eyes sized him up and filed away the information. She offered no sweet smile; she also didn’t allow for her attitude to show itself. However, her challenging nature got the best of her when she spoke to him in her native tongue. The words were not threatening despite being spoken in a sort of sharp and bitter tone. She had one small hope — that he’d have to ask her to clarify what she meant.

"És inŝa brant bi."