Anime: Mahou shoujo Lyrical nanoha 

*Nana Mizuki ( Fate) 

-Innocent Starter (OP)

*Tamura Yukari (Nanoha)

- Little Wish (ED)

anonymous asked:

are there any good kdramas i should watch?

!!! id be delighted to !! !!

first off, i recommend you:
my love from the star, master’s sun, the reply series, its okay thats love, the girl that sees smell

but these you MUST watch:
innocent man, fated to love you, god’s gift - 13 days, i can hear you, kill me heal me, that winter the wind blows, angry mom,  queen inhyun’s man, pinocchio






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Choking with Tears, Dying Syrian Boy Says, ‘I will complain to God about you’

from Fig Trees and Vineyards, via The Phaser: [Ed. – The article below is from a Russian language website here. It has been translated into English by Nina Sidorova ] War is a destructive force that spares no one and nothing in its path. Especially scary when the war takes lives and distorts the fates innocent civilians. Willy-nilly, one wonders: Who gave the right to political leaders to solve their conflicts through ordinary civilians? http://b4in.com/tO5L

My cat died this morning. Why, what did she do to deserve this fate? She was so innocent.

Not to mention that you have become to poor at comforting me, you don’t care anymore and it cuts deep like a knife. You don’t care and I hate you for it. I hate you for being a fake fuck. Your words were delicious, laced with cream and the sweetest of promises.

I shouldn’t have believed you. I should have known this was some kind of ploy

I should have known she meant the world to you and not me