Hi to my new followers :)

Okay so guys, I got some plans to improve this tumblr. Firstly a new theme, then I will put up a separate page and upload all of Britney’s songs, that way you can always listen to them! I’ll also try to get her tours on here, depending on whether I can upload it through youtube, might be tricky with copyright stuff and all.I have the Onyx hotel tour, pretty damn good quality too, and I know a lot of people want to see that one because it got never released and tends to be hard to find. I’ll do my best! BUT, the big big but! I got exams in a month. No updates will be done until 15 May, the day after my exams. Meanwhile I will of course continue to upload pictures.

Last and important note: I’ll put up the mini give-away tomorrow since I reached a 100+ followers [FUCK YEAH!]. You can get a Britney dvd which has most of her video clips. More details on that tomorrow :)