I’m basically living on pancakes as they’re cheap and easy. These ones are chocolate banana pancakes with extra banana, jam and date syrup.

1 cup flour.
1 tbsp coconut sugar.
2 tbsp cocoa powder.
1 cup soya milk.
1 tbsp oil.
Drizzle of vanilla.
1 mashed banana.

Mix all dry then add the wet ingredients and mix thoroughly. Pour mixture into a hot pan and flip when bubbles appear on the mixture. There’s no need to add oil to the pan as there is oil in the mixture. Enjoy! 🍌


Yesterday, I burned the roof of my mouth by eating hot Cinco de Mayo burrito too quickly. I shoulda stuck with sushi. It is making it both painful and unpleasant to eat today.

I should burn my mouth more often.

Soda and junk food are literally the cigarettes of today. Remember when they used to advertise cigarettes on TV and they made it look all glamorous and used thin people and celebrities to advertise their products and make it look attractive and a lot of their ads were aimed at teenagers and even children? And now we’ve got junk food ads with cartoon characters and Beyonce and Britney Spears are doing Pepsi commercials.

I want the food industry to be attacked and controlled the way that the tobacco industry was. I want them to stop promoting junk like its glamorous and good for you. I want their advertising pulled from children’s TV networks. I want the percentage next to the sugar on nutrition facts labels. I want surgeon general warnings on soda cans.

Did you know that if exposed to television and the outside world, children can start to recognize food logos and brands before they can even speak?

I just want something to happen that makes people really stop and think about the consequences of what they’re putting into their (and their children’s) bodies.