I want to be a feeder so bad.

It’s so hard to find a girl that’s into feederism. A girl who actually wants to eat and get fatter. A girl who loves being feed. I want a girl who will get mad if I don’t play with her rolls enough. A girl who loves to be called names. I want her to be so big that if she gets on top of me I won’t be able to move. Why do I want to be a feeder so bad? I just love fat. I love cellulite, I love jelly rolls amen I love stretch marks. I just want to play with a woman’s fat and jiggle her fat. I want to make her realize how big she is. I would feed her all kinds of fattening food.

Part 1 of my dinner from yesterday (awful lighting because it was like 8pm) // green smoothie bowl (nanas, spinach, mango pulp) topped w/ granolaaaa and a mango!

Part 2 was very ugly so no picture but it was an avocado wrap haha 🙌🙈


Oopsie Bread!!

3 eggs, separated
3 tbs cream cheese
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp stevia

Preheat oven to 300

Mix yolks, cream cheese, and stevia until smooth (I used a hand held mixer)

In a separate bowl, mix egg whites and tartar until fluffy (again, I used the hand mixer and mixed it until I got stiff peaks).

Fold the whites in the yolk mixture, carefully maintaining fluffiness.

On parchment paper and baking sheet, spread mixture into 10 inch disks. Be generous and don’t spread it too thin. Disks should be thick.

Bake for 20-30 minutes, or until nice and deep golden brown.
Great substitute for sandwich bread!

Fat Acceptance, Evolution, Fitness and Food

I am aware that the recent influx of followers has been due to my harsh views on fat acceptance. Many of you are following because you view my opinions on the topic as entertaining. Many of you are in favour of fat acceptance. Most of you seem not to understand what I mean when I place evolution into the equation. I would like to explain, once and for all, how you perpetuate toxic ideals and thus behaviour by encouraging fat acceptance. I would also like to explain how fitness plays a vital role in the expression of evolution.

It is an absolute fact that we are composed of the matter we fuel ourselves with—the food we eat. Our muscles consist of proteins, our joints are a result of the fatty tissue we consume, our bones are determined by calcium and carbohydrates are synthesized into energy stores if not used immediately. 

Bodies are composed of the foods they are acquiring energy from. At the same time, if that energy is not being exerted at a high enough rate it is stored in fat reserves. This is the body’s natural defense from starvation. It is an example of the law of the conservation of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed. If energy is not transformed by activity, it is stored. Food is literally chemical potential energy. If a cycle of bodily abuse continues, the evolutionary function of existence perpetuates itself. Self preservation rules all and will always take the path of least resistance.

Yet, when a body is put under physical stresses it works to meet those demands. That’s why resistance training (weight lifting) is so effective for building muscle. During training the body encounters a challenge that it must complete—squat, deadlift, bench press—and when this happens the muscle breaks down. In doing so, it adapts. It builds upon itself so that when it encounters that challenge in the future it will be easier to overcome. The muscle becomes stronger. This is evolution in real time.

Fat acceptance in an insult to the evolutionary capacity of humans. 

Humans have been evolving along a spectrum that goes in both directions. This exerts itself both positively and the negatively. Fitness sits at the positive end, while fat acceptance lays at the negative end.

It’s your choice.


Stretch marks are normal. Cellulite is normal. Scars are normal. These are not “imperfections.” You are still fucking beautiful and perfect, and never forget it.