Mystery Box Burger. Raw salmon. Smoked bacon. Mint, basil, garlic and yogurt sauce. Rice cake. Rice bun. Black sesam. Salmon eggs. Mint and basil leafs. Balsamic cream. #masterchefUSA #mysterybox #challengeaccepted 
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[ FAT & FURIOUS Part 3: Klappen Snowpark ]

Kels, 20, pansexual, cis female, aquarius

I sometimes have a hard time loving all my rolls, arm fat, double chin, thin hips, big belly, and round face, but I have to remember that all of those things are what make my body my body, and no two rolls of fat are the same and there is absolute beauty in every one of our bodies. 

***submission by furious-fat***

There is beauty in all of us, and you are no exception.  You are lovely, confident, and sexy.  I love the thought you put in to each photo, and I love the way you look.  Well done, and thank you for the beautiful pics.

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Name: Shreeti

Nickname: Dimple or Dims

Birthday: 31st Mrach 1991

Star Sign: Aries

Gender: female

Height: 5′6

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Romantic Orientation: Heteroromantic

Favourite Colour: Blue

Time and Date at Current Moment: 23:31 22nd April

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-8

The Last Thing I Googled: Dean Ambrose (he’s my fav wrestler)

First Word that Comes to Mind: Rain

One place that makes me Happy: Mocha Splash( my fav outing club)

How many blankets do I sleep with: One 

Favourite Fictional Character: Harry Potter

Favourite Famous Person: Harry Styles

Celebrity Crush: Dean Ambrose

Favourite books: Harry Potter

Favourite animes: Sasuke and Sakura Chan

Favourite Shows: Blacklist

Favourite Musician/Band: 1D, Collbie Caillat, TS, Ed, 5SOS, 30 seconds to mars

Favourite Games: Mario Kart and snakes

Favourite Films: Pretty woman and The dark knight

Last Movie I Saw in a cinema: Fat furious 7

Dream Holiday: Venice, New York and Las vegas

Dream Job: I’m already groomed to be a Dental Surgeon

Wearing Right now: My Ramones t-shirt and black shorts.

Last Book I read: I read my Oral surgery book

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Too Fat Too Furious!

That awkward moment #comedy #hilarious #funny #shareit #bikerboyz #bigproblems #artunrated #Skitseaux @YouTube #Fat&Furious