Don't hate on me for being thin!!

It’s not cool. You’re just as bad as people who shame bigger body types. I think it’s great that people are celebrating bigger body sizes- it’s wonderful! However, that doesn’t make it wrong to be on the thinner side of things. Stop shaming all together and just learn to love all shapes and sizes.

My boss publicly shames me for being thin. Customers will come in, and I’ll recommend a certain pant or blouse and she’ll overhear, come up to my customer and say something like “Yeah that’s good, if you’re a size 0!” and then she and the customer will start laughing and she’ll steal her away. Now, customers see me as less credible because they’re bigger than me, even though I know how to dress all sizes.

DON’T BE A SLIM-SHAMEY! It’s bullying and never okay!!

this morning my nine year old sister said, “I want to lose sixty pounds.” she said it with a smile and a laugh like it was no big deal, something expected.

I had to sit down with my nine year old sister tonight and tell her that her body and mine and our mother’s and our father’s and our sister’s are all perfect the way they are because they allow us to do the things we love. and she said she still wants to lose weight. I asked her why.

my nine year sister wants to lose weight and she doesn’t even know why. she just does.

You wanna know what pisses me off? Men who exclusively date thin girls but will ask bigger girls for sex/nude photos in hopes that the bigger girl will be desperate just because she is big. I mean guys actually think that being bigger equates to low self esteem and desperation..As if being bigger means you don’t have standards and are just waiting around for someone to throw pity your way and FINALLY give you some sexual flash: there are guys that will actually date us bigger women and you’re not doing us a favor nor is it flattering. It’s insulting, I believe some men are so stuck on keeping up appearances and abiding by this social stigma that women are to be treated like trophies and whoever has the prettiest and shiniest one wins. You’re ashamed that you’re physically attracted to a woman who doesn’t fit societies beauty standard and it pisses you off so you shame them. It’s really sad.. being fat does not equate to desperation and being fat is not a bad thing, please stop hitting on bigger women and then when faced with rejection calling them fat. Not only does it make you look stupid, it’s Insulting.

me: hello
them: fucking fattie, piss off
them: you’re fucking disgusting
them: stop eating
them: exercise more
them: wear make-up, make your hair nice, wear expensive clothes
them: be something that society finds acceptable
me: how about no?
them: FATTIE
me: bully
them: you shit you’re going down for that i am not a bully that is not acceptable!



I just…. there is so much wrong with this like THIS IS A SONG FOR PLUS SIZED POSITIVITY IN A WORLD WHERE THERE BASICALLY IS NONE and thin people STILL have to make it all about them and thier feelings while girls are literally KILLING THEMSELVES out here to fit into a standard of beauty that should be considered arbitrary. 

I just. I need to sit down a moment I am literally so mad. 

Listening to the timbre of the conversations at the Dane County Farmers Market, one of the largest in the country, you’d think the topic was vaccination or Gaza. “What exactly is in this scone?” “Are your emus happy? How much space do they have to roam free?” “When you say ‘flour’ on the label, what kind of flour is that?”

Yet food pantries remain full of the same canned pumpkin and expired boxed meals they always have. Obese people are shamed and told what to eat, while people deemed skinny enough to have an eating disorder are also shamed for not taking care of their “health.” There is a serious disconnect here that should tell anyone who’s paying attention that this is not about justice or health in any form––it is about vanity.

When asking the server how the animal being served was prepared, no one seems to wonder whether that server has basic health insurance or whether that server is affected by the fact that the restaurant industry has one of the highest rates of sexual harassment and lowest rates of pay. When waxing poetic about the “salt of the Earth” farmers from which they buy their unpasteurized milk, no one seems to worry that an estimated 10 percent of American farm workers are children. When pearl-clutching over the things we “don’t know” about GMOs, as Kavin pointed out, no one seems to be concerned about their presence in groceries found at Price Rite––only products sold at Whole Foods.

If you are not as concerned about the people handing you your food in the restaurant as you are about the pigs on the farm where it was grown, your approach is classist….If you start telling someone all about your new trendy diet or asking them about theirs without knowing if they have an eating disorder that may be triggered by your prattle, your approach is ableist. If you tsk-tsk at people who are overweight for what they are eating and claim you’re concerned about their health, yet you’re not actively campaigning to make healthy food more accessible and affordable, your approach is sickening and I don’t want you in my activism.

You can still be vegan and fat because veganism is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. 

There are actually people who degrade other vegans for being fat. 

If you’re vegan and overweight, remember that not contributing to the animal industry is awesome and you just keep doing what you’re doing without letting idiots tell you that your weight has anything to do with your personality. 

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Fat Shaming Makes You Fatter - SourceFed, 9/15/14 (source)

Okay so I love SourceFed and Matt Lieberman is quickly becoming one of my favorite hosts, even moreso after doing this story.

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in case you need any more proof that joan rivers is trash, take a walk down memory lane and look at this gem 

anonymous said:

Why do you have clothes with fruit on it? it's ironic bc it doesn't look like you're eating fruits lmao

Hi, did you know that fruits have high enough levels of sugar in them that diabetics have to be careful how much they have? I’m really fucking sick of getting told “y don’t u just eat fruits? lol not hard” like dude, adding fruits to a diet isn’t gonna do much weight wise. Not that I’m fucking diabetic, just saying.
But whatever. That’s beside the point. The point is one day you’re gonna look in the mirror and see what everyone else sees - what a shitty person you are. Good luck with that my dude.



Do men honestly not realise how transparent it is when they get rejected and then immediately call us fat or ugly? Really, though, is that supposed to do something besides make you look like a whiny baby? And if one more man tells me I need to “get a sense of humor” or “stop being crazy”, I’m going to tattoo the definition of gaslighting on my hand and just shove it in their faces when they’re mid-sentence.