I work in a place that has no AC and it gets to about 110 in the place add humidity to that and its hell. im not wearing pants or a shirt with sleeves its to hot and sticky.
i was approached by a girl who i work with and told me i was not allowed to wear what i was wearing. Now keep in mind i work with skinny girls who wear less and they are in the AC part of the place.

Fat Girl Picture Day

I can’t understand why people don’t care how their fat friend looks in group photos. 
Y’all will post a picture and when your fat friend says, “OMG I look disgusting”, you give the fake ass, “Oh, you big and beautiful” combined with a myriad of hand gestures of big, round, and few facial inflictions. Then you follow that up with touching your fat friends body, as if that shit is a compliment, to remind your fat friend exactly where their fat is. 

It’s as though you’re thinking, “Well bitch, you’re fat, who really cares. You’re not going to looking good in anything, and you damn sure ain’t gonna look better than me in any pictures”.

This is why I hate taking pictures. You get all your friends in ready mode for the camera, they say, “I don’t like it”, you delete, but NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE FAT FRIEND. 

I wish I knew

What it felt like to be skinny. And have a flat stomach and could show it off to everyone. And take pictures and not have to hold my breath to look thinner. I wish I knew what it felt like to not have stretch marks and to not have to worry if someone was staring at me because a shirt was too tight or if I had a muffin top from my pants. Or even being able to wear pants around my hips and not 2 inches below my boobs. I wish I knew what it felt like to go in any store and try something on and it fitting perfectly without having to stretch it or embarrassingly put it back and grab another size.
I wish I knew what it was like to stand anywhere without always having to “suck it in”.
I wish I knew what skinny was and how it feels.