This is for all the nights I cried myself to sleep, all the days where I decided to stay in instead of going out. This for the days where I thought I was worthless because of how I look. This is for the people who tormented me and still do. This is for all the people who told me to give up, and die because of how I looked. This is for all the guys who turned me down because they were embarrassed to date a fat girl. This is to the young me who didn’t wanna grow up because of fear it would get worse. This is me now. A girl whos faced a lot in my short life. A girl who’s spent her whole life hating herself. It’s taken me years to really see the true beauty that I am today. I am no longer scared, I am no longer fearful. People and their stares, people and their words don’t hurt me anymore. I am not ashamed of my body. No one should ever be ashamed of their body. I view myself worthy. That I deserve to live. Deserve to be fucking fierce💣💣

I’m a fat kitty and I’m damn cute.
I took this today because I never got to dress up on Halloween so I’m sorry I didn’t do my cat makeup for you.

*please don’t reblog if you’re going to be an asshole I.E. Fat hating bastards, health nazis or fetish blogs. Thanks*

How does this picture make you feel?, cause it got me feeling some type of way😏

I spend a lot of time searching for a diverse selection of people for this blog: fat people who are queer, poc, disabled. The list goes on, and it’s not always easy to find people who identify in these ways in what I consider to be acceptable amounts, even harder to find intersections between them. And when I do, they tend to be pictures from fashion blogs, because that’s pretty much what there is in the way of fat visibility on tumblr. 

But this is not a fashion blog.

I know that many people feel most comfortable showing the world their fat when they’ve dressed up. I understand this is true, and I understand that many people like the way that they are with makeup, in their favorite fancy clothes. I know that makeup can make you feel like you’re going into battle. But I also understand that a large part of this reality is because society tells us that it’s only acceptable to be fat if you put a little extra effort into your appearance

You deserve to be fat without any qualifiers.

I want to see you fat without getting dressed up. Fat with no makeup. Fat in sweatpants. Fat just out of the shower or just after waking up. 

All of these things while being gay, black, disabled, old, philipino, trans*; every identity is welcome as long as you are fat. Everyone deserves to exist as they are, without anything extra.

So, submit pictures of yourself like this, and we’ll publish them on Friday, October 25.

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-Admin Anna

This is my bikini body 2014!
Finally, I have no problem sitting in a bikini by the poolside.
I have gained so much confidence lately, and the reason is not giving a fuck. And yeah, my weight changed… I gained a few pounds!
Embrace your bodies, beauties! Belly rolls, cellulite and body hair.
Look at my fucking dimples, Im hella cute!

Is it too much to ask...

For plus size clothing ads to feature ACTUAL plus size women? Seeing a size 10 perfect looking model does not impress me. I want to see women with stretch marks, women with fat rolls, women with belly pouches, women with double chins, rocking those clothes. These are who I want to see modeling plus size clothing.