This photo was taken in July 2011 on Sunday. I made an arrangement with a friend to make Sunday felt more fun. Yea I had a photo session with her, she was as the model.

It was a short photo session because the rain fell down right before we started the photo shoot. We waited until the rain stop falling. It had been a very late noon and in that condition I had a problem with the lighting. But actually the weather made the spirit of the picture felt great in fact. :)

By the way, the make up and the wardrobe was by me. Very sort time to plan, but well-done. :D

Model: Novita Indah Mutiara

fastudiO #1

fastudiO is a project’s name of mine which is exactly established.. now. It is came from my name; Fasta. This project is all about my hobby whenever I have a spare time to have fun with the camera (I borrowed). Enjoy:

Photographer / Make Up Artist : Fasta Biqil Khairani Tasran

Location : Menteng Park, Jakarta

Model: Novita Indah Mutiara

Concept : Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot

ps: I can’t wait to have my own camera :)