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Merchandising Project

This week in our studio teams we did a two day merchandising project. The first day we designed and sourced fabrics, and the second day we pattern made, sewed our garments and did paper work to go with them. This was super fast paced and let us know hoe we would work as a team. Our group of three worked really well and finished in time to create our lingerie. Very proud of the Glitter Cats! 
Some other team’s items included, a backpack, muzzle, capelette. 

This is our finished product, retailing at $39.99 a piece;

So I just got back from an art trip to London with my FAD group the other week. The trip was so beneficial as we visited so many independent galleries, well known museums (the V&A is now my most favourite place) and exhibitions such as ‘Hello My Name Is Paul Smith’ held in the Design Museum and ‘Fashion Galore’ exhibiting Isabella Blow’s iconic streak within the fashion industry. This happened to be held in Somerset house in Covent Garden; somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit! It was nice to go to London and see so many different things. I usually get sucked into being your typical consumer trailing around shop after shop, which is nice, but it was good to really see things which inspired me as a creative. Above is a photograph taken on my disposable camera of me and my fellow fashion students in Shoreditch, my favourite area within London. (I will post some more photos soon). For now I’m back to my projects on my Foundation course continuing on with my Surrealism design project and also starting a new project which I will begin posting soon. As well as this i hope to keep experimenting and pushing my own personal work so expect a mixture of posts.