Barbie Fashionistas 2015

This girl has been popping up here on tumblr a bit and I’m excited to see how she turns out! There seems to be some variation, I hope they stick with the black shoes, and she’s another of the new dolls that has flat feet! She’s certainly a highlight of the new collection, I think Mattel is headed in the right direction with this one!


GOTHICA - but not really. Went out this weekend on my very first double date! it was gay but oh so much fun lol. And in true Robynthebank style, this is what I wore.

Mesh shirt is a DIY project, made out of a pair of fishnet stockings. just cut the crotch and feet out basically. Pretty easy stuff.

The bikini is from Super Shop 24 Hours

The skirt, an oldie by Nasty Gal.

The shoes are YRU

My hair is starting to get frizzy, but I’m still rockin it.