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Feeling Orange But Blue Sometimes by @ledisi 

Timeless color palette for your ears. 

The world does not fight fair. You MUST love yourself first and build up others. We are stronger together than apart. To be at your best you must surround yourself with those who see your potential even when you do not. One must not doubt someone upon their first meeting. You never know someone’s story. Offering guidance and support is way more practical than a useless critic.

The Empress of Style

There is nothing like picking up a hardcover book. Here is a useful excerpt from The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It speaks of cultivating small habits that in turn result into small victories which ultimately transforms your mindset into believing you can think and accomplish greater things. I am guilty of putting goals to the back burner because the mere thought is overwhelming. But if you whittle it down into small missions anything is possible. What is your small victory? #life #goals #mission #passion #resolution #change #fashionforthespirit

Thanks to @jankinjo for stopping through @signaturetheatr between meeting President Obama and beating the faces of celebrity clientèle. You definitely inspire me to keep pushing my brand and hopefully we will work together soon! Feeling those signature frames. Catch her most recent appearance on Blood, Sweat, & Heels on Bravo. Follow @Jankinjo on Instagram as she travels the world as groomer for Idris Elba and makeup artist to Mary J. Blige. #buddhabestie #creativesunite #fashionforthespirit #styleyoursoul #inspiration #Style