style icon: kat dennings

kat dennings (daydream nation, nick and norah’s infinite playlist, 2 broke girls) plays a character on primetime television who responded with ‘anal’ as something to try on a first date. she won michael cera’s heart in a blockbuster movie about scavenging new york for a band. and, tits for days. she is hilarious, beautiful, and has excellent taste. 

get a look similar to kat’s:

poplin round collared shirt (white) @ american apparel $46

get a dress similar to kat’s:

sparkle & fade textured slit front dress $29

get a look similar to kat’s:

american apparel nail polish in hunter  $6

forever 21 iridescent rhinestoned ring  $6.80

urban OG

if you like clothing from urban outfitters, free people, h&m, try this website:

Urban OG

they are priced a little bit lower, and have the same style of clothing. maybe not the same quality in some cases, but still really beautiful pieces

some of the items would make tim gunn break out into hives, but you just have to search through the tacky knock off sequin ugg boots and too short-shorts to find some really interesting clothes mostly between $15-40 a piece 

some samples:

style icon: kelly osbourne

i love kelly osbourne. she’s not afraid to give anyone shit. she has excellent taste (good enough to sit next to joan rivers on fashion police every week). and unlike a lot of fashion critics (sorry joan), she looks great all the time. i think she’s beautiful (before the huge weight drop and after). her outfits have an amazing color palette, and i am so envious of that lavender hair. not to mention, she’s dating a really cute model with long ass hair. get it girl.

similar to kelly’s look:

silence and noise boyfriend blazer @urban outfitters

on sale for $40!

get a look similar to kelly’s for $30!

faux leather trimmer sheath dress @forever 21

a screenshot from kelly’s appearance on ru paul’s drag race

want hair like kelly’s? try manic panic. (always consult a hair stylist before dying; the process may take multiple steps and other colors. i’ve had a lot of friends experiment with manic panic, send an ask if you have any questions!)

manic panic semi-permanent mystic heather

tackling the urban online sale rack

ironically enough, the urban outfitters sale section is looking really good right now:

these cute, simple loafers are pretty sturdy (judging by reviews) and they’ve been cut down by $10. A PAIR OF SHOES FROM URBAN UNDER $50? excuse me while i piss myself.

this short motorcycle jacket is bad.ass. it’s only $40 (not bad for a quality coat), but they only have sizes xs, s, and m left! smaller ladies, get to it!

BDG jeans are great. i’m a size 12/14 and they fit me perfectly if i buy a 32/30 (sometimes a longer length if necessary, i’m 5’10). these are only $30 and they are in a fantastic color. mint brings out the best in everyone, and they’re incredibly unique. 

hi everyone :)

sorry for the slow posting over the last two weeks

end of semester shit, you know

but the next couple of weeks and new year will bring a lot of new posts

any suggestions?

hope you’re having an excellent holiday season



american apparel

i’m a huge sucker for american apparel. everything about it. i could buy seven of those fucking linen button ups and still not have enough. i want to screw every single one of those uppity hipster boys that model and/or work for them (even though finding a straight boy in that position is rare). i hate myself for it. however, a huge plus is that everything is produced in america. sweatshop free. and that is a huge reason why they are so expensive. (other than the fact that if something is “trendy” you can totally get away with charging $80 for it). they employ a lot of different types of models, even if the main ones are 100 pounds and scantily clad in some sort of lace onesie. also, they do have some cute shit. so if you can get past the sales clerk who is too ironic for her own good, go shopping. or, if not, check out their online store, and some of my favorite pieces from there. 

baby rib mini shift dress @ american apparel

this dress is on sale for $12. one of their simpler items, but it fits well and can be put with anything. comes in 6 colors (that’s something american apparel does well)

denim sleeveless crop button up @ american apparel

this is $45 (steep for a shirt, i know) but it’s awesome and i’ve wanted it forever and felt guilty not including it


a friend showed me that if you type in american apparel items on amazon, you can find a lot of in season items for A LOT LESS

i got two pairs of knee high stockings for $10, and they’re originally $25 a piece. try typing american apparel ____ into and shop around

here are a few notable items:

woven cut off shorts

black lace seam hold up stockings

THESE ARE $5! originally $25. they are awesome. mine ripped pretty easily, but they still look good, and hell, they’re $5. they make any outfit instantly edgier. 

welcome :)

the goal of this blog is post fashion inspiration for EVERYONE. i think it’s ridiculous that size 12 girls are considered ‘plus-sized models’. i think it’s ridiculous that healthy girls who naturally wear a size 0 are always labeled ‘anorexic’. i think it’s ridiculous that the majority of fashion spreads only include white, american models. i think it’s ridiculous that     models are only sought after if they’re between 15-25, and any older is considered ancient. beauty is a very expansive idea, and i want to inspire everyone who has a good sense of style.

this blog will include various posts of photo inspiration, text posts that help find good deals, and the occasional fashion related rant that denotes follower opinions!

feel free to submit, send an ask, or tell me how to make the site better in any way!