findingnorthh asked:

☄ :)

besides your icon?

pretty much everything about your blog makes me happy, and like you said, we may not talk much, but we share a friendship through likes and reblogs, which I have to say is always a nice pick me up.

Lets mutually follow each other till the end of days mkay?

findingnorthh asked:

Hey, I'm not sure if you'll see this and I'm not sure what's going on, but I just wanted to say sorry if mean things were said to you. You don't deserve that :(

Someone called me a rapist for my opinion on RPing practices. I feel I have to struggle every day to get the same kind of love and attention that comes to others so easily in this community, and I hate it. I hate feeling like I have to throw a fit just for people to like me (which, incidentally, makes no sense). I can’t deal with a community of people that treats me like that.

findingnorthh asked:

Hi :-D

1. First impression: I was super intimidated because Inception was my first big fandom experience and tons of people reblogged things from you and then you followed me back and I was freaking out thinking “I’m not worthy!”
2. Truth is: You are one of the sweetest girls ever.
3. How old do you look: Early 20’s.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yup
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope
6. Best feature: You have super pretty eyes.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nope
8. You’re my: tumblr buddy
9. Name in my phone: N/A
10. Should you post this too? Yessssss, if you want to.