Zipper Book Clutch | See Kate Sew

I’m loving on this amazing sewing project! What a cool way to upcycle an old and loved book (or a vintage book with a cool spine!). And to my pleasure, this project does not involve any sewing! That’s right, no sewing, just some glueing with some super strong E6000. Just make sure you use that glue in a well ventilated area to avoid headaches!

DIY Open Back Bow Shirt!

You know those loose shirts that always manage to find their way into your closet? You know, the ones that have company names, or names of special events, etc? The ones that you’d NEVER wear outside of the house? Don’t know what to do with them? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Inspired by Bethany Mota! Watch her video here: 

Here’s what you’ll need

Old Shirt


Fabric of another colour

Hot glue

Optional: a ruler and pens to measure your cuts

  • Cut the neck. This will make the shirt loose, and comfy. How wide all depends on you. We went with an off the shoulder look, so we made the cuts relatively wide.


  • Use a ruler and pens to mark where you’re going to make slits in the back of the shirt. When you’re satisfied with your decisions, use the scissors to poke a hole at the start of the line, and cut until the end.


  • Using the other fabric, cut smaller rectangular pieces. Then, scrunch the flowy pieces of your shirt in the middle, and wrap the rectangular pieces around them, like a bow.


    And there you have it! Your open back bow shirt is complete! Maybe you still wont make it an OOTD but it’s a comfy shirt to wear around the house!


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    Heavenly Imperfections 
JANUARY 2014 New Look Blog

Hello and welcome to my 2014 new look blog!

As a newbie blogger in 2013 I dont mind admitting that I really didnt have a clue what I was doing! , so in 2014 I`ve decided to blog MONTHLY ( cant manage anymore often coz of the day job LOL ) and I`m going to include the following 3 features…..( exceiting eh? )

Feature 1 `MAKES and MISHAPS` ………..a short diary of my monthly craft projects showing what I`ve been creating ( or not creating ) Yes I will even show you my disaterous attempts as well as the sucessful ones …and there will be plenty LOL

Feature 2 `FREE TUTORIAL`..…………a beginner DIY /how to tutorial on CROCHET SEWING JEWELLERY MAKING,KNITTING or GENERAL CRAFTY STUFF.These tutorials will be for small projects that can be made quickly and easily in a couple of hours!

Feature 3 `ANGELIQUES TOP TIP`……..hints and tips from my years of crafting to help your crafty expoilts be more sucessful and enjoyable.

Well thats it in a nutshell.Hope you like it !

So this month my next post will be for a FREE TUTORIAL for a simple but easy piece of Jewellery.

Why not pop back in a few days to have a look

See you soon and happy crafting from Angelique :)


Here at The Fabric Store we have been blown away by the amazing & inspiring designs we have seen on the Spring/Summer 2015 runway so far!
So, we are going to do a series of posts sharing our favorite looks from across the globe, paired with fabric and pattern options to help get your creative juices flowing. First up, New York Fashion Week!

Michael Kors
With Daffodils, wisteria and geraniums paired with lace and gingham, we loved the light and sunny mood of this collection. Click here for the for the full slideshow!

  • Our Fabric & Pattern Picks:

1/ Floral Print Textured Cotton/Linen
Availability - Auckland/Wellington/Sydney/Melbourne
2/ Blue Rose Print Cotton/Linen
Availability- Auckland/Wellington/Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne
3/ Vogue Pattern V8882 - Full Skirt with Tie
Availability- Auckland/Wellington/Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/Los Angeles
4/ Vogue Pattern V1398 - Tiered Scallop Hem Dress
Availability- Auckland/Wellington/Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/Los Angeles

Karen Walker
As a New Zealand based company, we couldn’t go past our very own Karen Walker, especially with all the AMAZING 70’s inspired suede looks she had on offer! Click here for the full collection.

  • Our Fabric Picks:

5/ Mustard Suede Leather Hides
Availability - All Stores Worldwide
6/ Burnt Sienna Leather Hides
Availability- All Stores Worldwide
7/ 70’s Floral Panel Print Cotton
Availability- Auckland/Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/Los Angeles

Donna Karan’s relaxed and comfy looking sportswear in bright bold stripes seriously caught our eye! Click here for more delicious pics.

  • Our Fabric & Pattern Picks:

8/ The ‘Happy Homemade’ Pattern Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori
Availability - All Stores Worldwide
9/ Green & Turquoise Stripe Silk/Linen
Availability- All Stores Worldwide
10/ Grey & Aqua Stripe Linen
Availability- All Stores Worldwide
11/ Light Teal Stripe Crepe De Chine
Availability- Auckland/Dunedin/Sydney

For general fabric enquiries, or to order a sample of any of the fabrics featured on this post, click the links below and place an enquiry with your closest store!

New Zealand | Australia | U.S.A.

Cover Image: Clover Canyon SS2015

DIY Jean Shorts!

Have you ever looked at a pair of jean shorts and said

Ugh, these are too short!


I don’t like the pattern on the front :\

Trust me, we all have. But we have a solution. Make your own pair!

Here’s what you’ll need

Old pair of jeans


Thread and needle

Optional: Jems and glue

  • Take your pair of jeans, and figure out where you want to cut. You may have to try them on, first.


  • Cut them, straight across


  • Next, you’ll need to cut them on an incline. Make sure the shorts are cut so that the cut goes downwards as you get closer to the middle. (It’s okay if it’s a little messy, it’ll be covered up anyways!)


  • Next, roll up the bottoms, twice. Stitch them so that they don’t unravel.


  • Optional: Add jems with hot glue! These ones are from the dollar store.


    And there you have it! Your own pair of jeans. They’re so cute! You can wear them anywhere! 


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    Heavenly Imperfections

This week we share part two of our fashion week series, pairing inspiring looks from the London runway with fabrics and patterns from our very own shelves! Enjoy x

Peter Jensen
We LOVE the bright pops of colour, and youthful mood of Jensen’s Spring collection. Check the full slideshow here.

  • Our Fabric & Pattern Picks:

1/ Floral & Geo Print Silk Crepe De Chine
Availability - Auckland/Melbourne
2/ Chartreuse Lurex/Silk Blend Jacquard 
Availability- Auckland/Wellington/Los Angeles
3/ Twenty Seven Names Dress Pattern from ‘Homesewn’
Availability- All Stores Worldwide
4/ Chartreuse/Latte Geo Print Silk Twill
Availability- Auckland/Melbourne/Sydney

Preen’s effortlessly cool mix of sportswear and batik style prints are perfect for staying cool and comfy on those hot summer days. Check out the full collection here.

  • Our Fabric Picks:

5/ Red/Black Micro Print Silk Crepe De Chine
Availability - Auckland/Dunedin
6/ Holiday Print Silk Chiffon
Availability- Auckland/Brisbane/Wellington
7/ Maroon/Yellow Stripe Crepe De Chine
Availability- Auckland
8/ Natural/Latte Geo Print Silk Twill
Availability- Auckland/Melbourne/Sydney

Temperley London
Here at The Fabric Store we cant go past a good two-piece… Enough said! More deliciousness from TL here.

  • Our Fabric & Pattern Picks:

9/ Papercut Pattern’s ‘Anima Pant’
Availability - All Stores Worldwide
10/ Geo Embroidered Heavyweight Silk
Availability- Auckland/Wellington/Dunedin
11/ Crosshatch Silk/Linen
Availability- Auckland/Wellington/Dunedin/Brisbane/Sydney/Los Angeles
12/ Cotton & Metallic Blend Tweed
Availability- Auckland/Wellington

For general fabric enquiries, or to order a sample of any of the fabrics featured on this post, click the links below and place an enquiry with your closest store!

New Zealand | Australia | U.S.A.

Watch on

Today we show you #Howto Make a #Dress Out of a #T-Shirt! #Fashion #DIY #FashionDIY #EasyFashion


Floral Book Clutch | Caught On A Whim

Most book clutch projects require you to have a gorgeous good quality hard cover book. Now some of you may have luck finding one but in my second hand book shops all I can find are John Grisham hardbacks and weird ugly covers. So this pretty clutch project is perfect because it doesn’t matter what’s on the cover - you’re going to be covering it anyway! Of course, you don’t have to cover it in floral fabric, but I do love the chintzy fabric.

DIY Rope Bag | Style Me Pretty

I should have a new regular post called ‘can you work out how this was made?’! This tote bag is made of rope that is sew around and around in a circle. I imagine that once you start building up the sides of the bag it might get a little tricky, but you’ll end up with a super tough bag that’s perfect for groceries, clothes, library books, etc and that you can chuck in the machine to wash. If anyone attempts this I would love to know how it works out! (also this would look awesome using neon rope!)


Instagram Projects

Don’t let your amazing Instagram pics sit on your phone, bring them to life with these three amazing projects! I have to say I’m in love with that little Polaroid necklace (interchangeable pics, so cute!)

Big Display Ideas For Instagram | Dot Coms For Moms

Tiny Polaroid Magnets | Ambrosia Girl

Polaroid Necklace | Dot Coms For Moms