As humans we tend to miss #beauty around us daily because we are so occupied with the “immediate responses” , social networks and sending text messages before we even have service. How many us notice the stranger with tears in their eyes on the subway, the pretty little girl smiling at us as she walks by, or the homeless man waiting til he can get back in that shelter at night? We are so #disconnected from humanity that we rather false connections than real ones. #TODAY - STOP …TAKE A MINUTE AND NOTICE YOUR SURROUNDS. HUMANITY…YOUR HUMANITY DEPENDS ON IT! - #fashiondeity

Hey Guys! I’m hosting an online pop up shop this weekend with @ChloeAndIsabel it’s super easy & fun! They’re jewelry is top quality, at AMAZING prices! I’ve been loving it for awhile & I wanted to share with you guys. Many of the pieces covert into different styles so you’ll be getting 2 for 1 many times! TGIF, time to shop! ||

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Look book for Anna Morgun

Designer/model: Anna Morgun
Photograher: Elena Trofimchuk
Make Up Artist: Natalia Ishchuk

Day 6 - The Renewal | Meditation diary

Today was one of thee best meditation sessions ive had to date.
I didnt meditate yesterday :( , nonetheless todays journey was nothing short of amazing.
I actually meditating for 14 of the 20mins straight without any interupution. I was so proud of myself. This is the furthest ive gotten to date and im pleased to say that the last 6 minutes were just as serene.

Emotions : Emotionally I think I freed up some mental noise earlier today. I also was able to sleep for the first time in a long time for 6 hours straight through. …Of course I fell asleep and this was totally not my intention (lol) but I needed the sleep to renew my energy .
At the end of my session I felt so good that I jumped up too fast I think so my heart started racing and I felt weird. I guess that’s the reason they tell you to take a few mins sitting still even after meditation.

The sidebar: Earlier that day I was standing somewhere and seen something fly past me. When I looked to my right I didnt see anything. I stood confused for a second wondering what the hell was that. Right after my headphones turned on. Creepy right? !

I was told recently that I have sensitive spiritual energy. The connection you ask?
Imma need Casper & his friends to try & spook me because they know that my “doors” are opening up. I wish to leave all and any negative energy behind me and bring nothing but a positive flow of abundance in my life. Something about this time period is so important that I felt compelled to blog about it for all to see and read. Something I wouldnt usually do … I look forward to the blessings.
Until the next meditation diary. NAMASTE’