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Shade Shifter Nail Polish by Orly 

The Shade Shifter from Orly is a gel topcoat that changes pigment depending on body temperature and chemistry, very similar to mood rings (you know, the ones that every one wore in like elementary school and whenever you stumble across one when you’re cleaning your room you’ll wear it for the day?!)!  

The only place I have been able to find these is on ebay and amazon, for $14.50, which honestly is not too horrible of a price considering the awesomeness of what this top coat does.  

I know I for sure will be trying out the Shade Shifter by Orly as soon as I possibly can!



The Clutch is Clear 

A surprising new take on the clutch has arrived; clear bags.  Not only is your clutch/bag an accessory anymore, but what you carry in it.  Show off your stuff!  Fear not, because these transparent totes can be found, and even made, for cheap!  Embellished with studs, metallics, feathers and more, these bags make for a great statement piece.  Search for your favorite designers version online, or be a crafty gal and make one yourself for a personal edge.  


“Hepburn’s legacy as a fashion icon has overshadowed the feminist messages of her films.”  

Audrey Hepburn was, and continues to be, a style icon, and is known for her waif figure that set in motion Hollywood’s obsession with being thin.  However not many know there truly is more to Audrey Hepburn than being just a pretty face or stylish starlet.  

This article is truly an interesting read into the life of one of the style icons we respect so much today. 

Unpleasant Plaid

I love fall. With fall comes amazing things like Pumpkin flavored everything, cooler weather, apple cider, and fall fashion. Fall fashion means plaid, which I adore, but unfortunately for Katy Perry she took this classic fall pattern on the wrong path.

I know Katy is known for her more flamboyant fashions, but I feel if she had picked one element of her ensemble to be plaid while keeping everything else simple, it would have had a nice classic look while keeping the Katy spirit.

What do you think?


Signing Up for the Fall Semester makes me think of my future Fall Wardrobe…

It’s still July, yet my university insisted that us students must sign up for our fall semester. Now that the stress of coordinating my schedule is over, all I can think about is the future of my wardrobe for those crisp fall months.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in a really awesome place where you can just look at the trees and literally see the seasons changing around you; I live in Southern California where the weather is pretty much constantly warm. My fall is basically in the winter, but I still indulge in the adorable fashions in the appropriate months and at least try to go all out.

I will definitely enjoy the typical colors and patterns of fall (maroons, warm browns, and plaids) while sticking to my classic black of course.  Pops of shine and metallic are always adored, and tights are a must for me.

Shown above are some looks I found to love!



“Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?" 

One of my favorite shows in the entire world is Friends.  Every single episode leaves me laughing until my sides are about to burst, and the dynamic of the group reminds me so much of my very own friends who I adore.  

There’s usually a reference to fashion somehow since Rachel is the fashionista of the group.  In one episode in particular (which was hilarious as always), Ross is having a particularly difficult time getting the group to get ready in time for his Paleontology dinner of some sort.  Rachel won’t decide what to wear, Monica is stressing over one of her ex boyfriends, and while Phoebe arrives ready to go Chandler and Joey decide to fight over a chair leaving a stain of hummus on her dress (thankfully an eccentric Christmas ribbon saves the day).  

Getting to the point, one scene that reminds me of the horrible fashion crime shown in the first picture occurs when Joey decides to wear every single article of Chandler’s clothing, whilst commando in order to get revenge.  

Lesson learned here; if you look like Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes ("I’m Chandler, could I BE wearing any more clothes?) you are definitely committing a serious fashion crime. 

Fashion Fail for sure. 

*yay Friends <3


It’s All Natural

Shea Moisture Problem Skin Kit:

Includes a face Cream, African black soap face and body bar, exfoliating face cleanser, and facial mask treatment. Typically used for problem skin with eczema, and acne and is sulfate free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. After dealing with annoying acne and eczema I decided to try this kit as it claimed to help with the problems I have been dealing with. I thought I might as well try out a natural solution, and I noticed a difference in my skin within a week! I now have significantly less acne, and my skin isn’t as dry and irritated like it typically is.

Yes to Cucumbers Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner:
Cruelty free, 99% Natural, Petroleum, SLS, and Paraben Free. I frequently color my hair, and I was looking for a good color protection shampoo and conditioner. I stumbled across this line of hair care after I had previously purchased the Yes to Blueberries make up remover wipes, and I am very pleased with the results! Since the shampoo is sulfate free, it doesn’t lather like a typical shampoo would. In order to get your hair and scalp nice and clean it is necessary to use a bit more shampoo than you typically would, but in the end I completely think it is worth it! My hair feels healthy, strong, and my color has remained pretty vibrant.

In the end, I completely recommend natural/organic beauty care. Organic and natural products are completely underrated and should definitely be appreciated more. Pricing is the same, if not less, than non organic products, so why not switch to a healthier option?!


Traveling and looking great once you get off the plane! 

Mesh Mess  

I am all for new and edgy looks.  I love edgier looks; it adds a little something fun into the typical wardrobe.  However, I could not seem to get myself to fall in love with this one.  

I feel like there were a few changes that could have really made a drastic difference from instead this being a mesh mess,  an edgy fun look instead.

First: No long sleeves.  If the sleeves were eliminated completely and were tank straps instead, it would make it look less messy and more magnificent.  

Second:  No bra top, tight skirt combo.  Instead, go with a curve hugging, but not curve suffocating, tank dress instead (in whichever color of your choosing).  A longer cut probably would have been better, so go with an ankle length or longer.  

Third: Ditch the chunky shoes.  A fun strappy heeled sandal (gladiator style perhaps) would have been the perfect pairing.

Fourth: Pulling the hair back away from her face.  Show off your face and neck, especially with such a bold style move!

Unfortunately this was a fashion fail,but hopefully these tips will help you from having one yourself! 



Say NEIGH to dressing like a Pony; YAY to dressing fashionably

Katie Price decided the thing to do was dress like a pony while launching her equestrian-inspired fashion line. Instead of dressing like a “My Little Pony”, in an odd pink furry horse pant/tutu/heels combination and a matching polo shirt and wig, she should have followed an equestrian-inspired look that Miranda Kerr donned in Harper’s Bazaar.

Structured yet feminine blazers and jackets (made from materials like velvet and leather) paired with a sleek pant and high boots, make a strong, yet feminine appearance.  Paired with a subtle smoky eye and medium lip, with hair in a side braid or curls, the all together look is very chic.

This look is one you could wear for any day out; its not strictly for the stables!

Say neigh to the Fashion Fail, be chic instead!!




I’m always up for new, innovative designs in the fashion world (or any world really, as long as it’s helpful and not harmful), but this is a HUGE no no.  Furry Birkenstocks?  Stop right there.  We’re heading into spring, so first of all, this is highly impractical (the fur will make your toes too warm and probably sweaty), and, well, they’re not very pleasing on the eyes.  I’m sad to say it because I love hf looks and what’s new on the runway, but this was a Fashion Fail in my book.