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Parang sobrang dami ko nang nagawa at sobrang dami nang nangyari for the past week / days at sobrang bilis ng oras pero at the same time, everything can’t go by fast enough. LU 2 is being more difficult than LU 1 was this early on in the semester and I think we were all surprised. Bakit mahirap agad. :((( But thank You for iMed and for my friends, for the fact that I’m not going through these things alone. Thank You also for all the good things. Ang amazing lang talaga minsan na hindi ako nauubusan ng mga pwedeng panghawakan tuwing nahihirapan ako. 

Dear Gianne (and 2020), you’ve got this! He wouldn’t let you go through things outside of His timing and His control. Manage your time well, make time for the more important things so you can have time left for yourself. Don’t get discouraged by what you feel are failures, failing is better than not trying. Tiwala lang, we’ll get through this year soon enough. Treat the amazing people all around you as inspirations, grabe hinding-hindi mauubusan sa dami ng mga magagaling na tao. Maximize your potential but don’t forget that you won’t get where you want to go in a day. You can do this! 

"I dared to dream this dream and with You, I will fight to make this dream come true." ( Eala, 2014 )