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Hi! This isn’t a tutorial for figure drawing that some of you were asking for but it’s just a small tip that I thought would be helpful! I saw this in one of Grace Ciao’s instagram posts and thought it was quite helpful when you’re having trouble with getting proportions right!

Use a ruler and mark out 10 dots pretty equally spaced from each other. 

Label these for the head, chin, chest, waist/elbows, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet. Note that these are just rough guides and the corresponding body part doesn’t always have to be exactly in line with the dot!

Draw your figure accordingly! I personally like to start drawing from the shoulders down. 

Tadahhhh! This is just a basic pose that I don’t use often. You don’t need to stick too closely to the dots, they’re just a guide! I personally like to draw legs that are slightly longer so feel free to take whatever artistic liberties you want to take once you get the hang of it!

The technique can be used with any pose really. Just vary the angles of her joints and the way she leans etc etc. 

Have fun! Also, it’s best to take a step back while you’re drawing. Often the part you’re drawing can look really nice but then when you finish and look at it as a whole you realise it looks a bit awkward so don’t just focus on the part you’re drawing, remember to look at the big picture (literally)!


I know how it feels like to have your butt kicked by basic croquis drawing. I’ve always felt so frustrated about how my models looked too anorexic or unproportional in my early years but after a while and a little studying, I finally grounded myself on croquis.

I want to help YOU! Soooo… I made a simple tutorial on how to make your own croquis. Just follow these simple steps and with a little practise, you’ll be the one who’s kicking croquis drawing’s butt.

Thank you and you’re welcome! I hope this helps!

If you have any questions, just drop me a message!

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A simple tutorial on how to draw a curl around ribbon! I noticed that they were pretty easy to draw, but look really awesome, so, here’s my first attempt at a tutorial!

I hope I simplified it enough! C: Feel free to use, obviously. :>

made a part two!