freudandsummer said:

Already said that I love you? No??So I'm saying now: I FREAK LOVE YOU and I did not see this fuck girrafes until you tell us ... I realized the lack of socks ... messy hair and has good watches and accessories ... the shoes are normal .. but where JAE SAW THAT JACKET WITH DRAWINGS OF GIRAFFE IS BEAUTIFUL ???? More and more grows my desire to break into his home and burn all his wardrobe and buy decent clothes for this rich kiddo who dresses more like a pauper. The lack of socks kills me tsc tsc

u ok

obviously they’re not giraffes it’s just the angle and the floral designs and the way the light hits it but man i would not be surprised if he saw it like that and went YES I WANT THIS ONE IF YOU SQUINT THERE ARE GIRAFFES (ok the hq pics that just came out are terrible why are you giving us edited pictures his makeup is On Point today okay you don’t need to make him glow anymore) but you can see the pattern the best here


what kills me the most is that he looks like a grumpy panda through the whole thing he doesn’t even look that excited to win anymore there’s some serious but mom why do i have to go going on here (feat jj’s ankles but the other two dudes are wearing socks do all boys sit like that wth)


let me remind you that this suit isn’t as bad as last year where they made him strip im still bitter about that so shiny you could see yourself in those pants or however that line goes