Alec didn’t mind listening to people but he didn’t exactly go out drinking to listen to rambling. Needless to say, when the one next to him at the bar sat down and began to spew his life, he was only half listening. “That’s fascinatin’…” He took another quick shot of whiskey and looked at him, curious if he would ever shut up.


evan-bird said:

Truth @ Lorelei: What is it about the Mechari that attracts you to them?

"Well," Lorelei began, not looking embarrassed by what she was saying at all. "They’re strong, for one. You ever seen a Mechari get beat down? Not at all! There’s somethin’ ‘bout th’way they’re put together too…" She trailed off, a fascinated look on her face. "If y’lean in real close, it’s kinda beautiful how every plate comes together t’form this person, y’know? And the science behind ‘em is pretty incredible too, at least from my understandin’. The exanite and how it works, makin’ em talk and feel and stuff! They’re just fascinatin’ t’me, really, I don’t think I ever met a Mechari I didn’t like. Also their voices, oh my gooood. That like digital tone some of ‘em got. Plllleeease. God. I love it."

Videological Thursday Tune...John Mayall..."Fascinatin' Lover"

Videological Thursday Tune…John Mayall…”Fascinatin’ Lover”

Got to see this legend live in Philly back about 1987 or 1988. My friend from works brother was a roadie for them and we got free tickets, and I ended up with my elbows on the stage watching John and Walter Trout jam…funny how some of life’s cool stuff falls into your lap. This song has some SERIOUS playing on it. Enjoy.


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