fins and folded façades

1. Jing Mian Xin Cheng Development in Beijing by Spark Architects 

2. CIPEA No.4 in Nanjing, China designed by AZL Architects

3. House of Coast Work Tsuyazaki by Masao Yahagi Architects

4. San Mames Stadium in Bilbao, Spain by ACXT

5. Biochemistry Center in Oxford, UK designed by architects Hawkins Brown

6. Pleats.M by Hironaka Ogawa

7. Aix en Provence conservatory of music in France by Kengo Kuma

8. Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy, designed by Future Systems & Shiro Studio

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Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me - Song - Maker Fa-La-Lalidays Moment

All the cool kids seem to be doing it, so of course I have to follow this trend and post a Follower Appreciation, all in the Christmas sense of love and and presents and greed and - anyway, here I am, late without Starbucks but with a whole list of amazing people who have made the last three-ish weeks a fantastic time for me. I have said it before, but this RP community has been truly amazing so far and I am so glad that I have made this (and my other) blog(s) and by doing so got a chance to meet you all, to share a passion with you and to help continue and explore the beautiful world of Tolkien in our own stories.

Before I go on with praising some special acorns (yes, I went there), I want to say that I WISH ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, AMAZING HOLIDAYS AND (SOON) A HAPPY NEW YEAR! [If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re still having a great time and maybe get a chance to parasitize some of your Christian friend’s cookies and punch.]

ALSO, before we start and anyone gets confused, these are the URLs you might know me as (in the Hobbit/LotR fandom):
- thrainsheir
- ofdurinblood
- grewupontales
- (ofblackarrows)

Now off to some butt kissing.

First and foremost I am obligated to make a special mentioning of my best friend and soulmate Richard, otherwise known as rulerofthewoodlandrealm, who I have known for a few years now (yes, I said few because I forgot when we actually met haha) and who sometimes is one of the only things (yes, I called you a thing) that keep me alive. I can’t imagine a life without our friendship anymore, because I really don’t know who I would be without you. Even if we live far apart, I always know that you are there and that is worth more than a friend who lives around the corner but doesn’t really understand who I am or what I want and need. I’m happy that you fell in love with Thranduil so much, even if I really thought you’d be a Bard boy, and I hope you are enjoying this fandom as much as I do. (I know you do.) You still need another muse, by the way. Be assured that I will always try to drag you into every fandom I join, because writing with you is always a pleasure and every universe feels like home when you are there too.

Another wonderful friend of mine, actually my second best friend, is the lovely Tinks, aka inlucestellarum. I never expected us to become such great friends but I wouldn’t want to miss knowing you for anything in the world. You are the Lydia to my Stiles and the Tauriel to my Kíli. It’s so rare that I meet someone who thinks so much like me and who has the same interests and fears and thoughts that I have, which makes it more precious than Gollum’s ring that I have found you. (I wish we would live a little closer to each other, but at least we can text a lot thanks to KIK & Co.!) You know me better than most people and you have been such a great support and help for me in times when I have felt really bad. I wish I could do more than write sappy lines on a post topped by Thorin Oakenshield wearing a Christmas hat, but for now that’s all I can do. I will try to continue showing you how much you mean to me as a friend, even though I am somewhat emotionally constipated.


And now, some of the wonderful, amazing, stunning, beautiful and lovely people I have met in the short time I have been in this community. Some of you I RP with at the moment (on this blog or one of my others!), some of you I don’t really RP with yet/not anymore (but would like to) and some of you I just stalk for now.
I would love to write a paragraph about each and everyone of you, but I’d sit here all night if I tried that, so just think of the nicest things someone could say to you and imagine I said them.

ages-of-arda ✤ azaghin (Using this chance to say that I like your portrayal of Kíli a lot and I hope you never get discouraged by people who might not like it that much or don’t appreciate it enough, because they have different headcanons about him. Keep doing your thing because you are hella great at it!) ✤ balakhun ✤ cleverindeed daughterofbard (I hope you know that I have already taken you into my heart and am not willing to let you go again so easily, so you’re stuck with me and my confused portrayal of Bard now [ well, as long as you’ll have me ] - to more Barduil headcanons that will make you upset!) ✤ greyistari lostmyway-twice ✤ murkhith (Just to say it again: I adore our Fíli/Kíli threads and I hope we’ll do lots more in the future! :) )

ofalionsheart reckless-archer ✤ regnumverus(WHAT ABOUT THAT THIRD TIME BOTFA?) ✤ sanmelhekh ✤ sheisthesxnlight ✤ @smokinshield ✤ spareheiress​ ✤ thekinddwarf ✤ thethiefoftheshire(MY BILBO! There are many hobbits around, but this one is mine. [ JK, I share. ] I seriously love your blog and your Bilbo and every single one of our threads. I want to write all the things with you and I hope you’re not getting tired of me yet! :D) ✤ verisixl ✤ youngcourageousheart

As usual, it fills me with great anxiety thinking that I might have forgotten someone or might be upsetting someone by not putting them on this list, so be assured that even if you are not listed here, and I am following you, that already means I think you are amazing and I love you.

Thank you for following me, for liking my portrayal of Thorin, Fíli, Kíli or Bard, for taking time of your day to talk to me (ic or ooc) and for being so nice and funny and creative, basically for being yourself.

                                                                                                                        - Min

Qualcuno mi può chiedere cosa faccio a Capodanno?
Vorrei rispondere che mi stendo a terra ascoltando it’s a quarter after ooone I’m a little drunk and I neeed youuu noooow con dolore, sembrare spiritosissimo e ricevere numerosi cuori.
Grazie ciao.

Today was Christmas Eve Eve

It was over 45 degrees almost all day and I work at an outdoor mall. We were incredibly understaffed for the insane traffic we had today. It was our single biggest sales day since the store opened three years ago.

I am SO glad to have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off!!!

Como eu sou extremamente preguiçosa de ir na inbox de todos os meus parceiros para desejar boas festas, resolvi vir aqui na tag e não só dar felicitações para eles quanto para os outros players desse mundo rpgístico do tumblr. Então, sem mais delongas, feliz natal, gente!!!!!! Acho que vou mandar um próspero ano novo também porque não sei se vou ser capaz de estar aqui no dia 31. Sei que o natal e o ano novo não dão aquela mesma sensação de quando éramos crianças, mas vamos tentar nos animar porque é uma época de muito amor e união familiar. Espero que tudo dê certo na vida de vocês, que passem os feriados com as pessoas que mais amam e comam muito, porque comida é comida e não se desperdiça!!!! Mando, também, as minhas sinceras orações para você que não vai passar o natal tão feliz assim, tudo vai se resolver um dia, é só ter fé. E que, claro, tenham um 2015 maravilhoso jogando aqui no tumblr, seja em rps de grupo ou em 1x1s ou então saindo daqui e indo viver um novo capítulo da sua vida! Um beijo enorme e que Deus os iluminem sempre e sempre.