More of our WIP dwarves.
These costumes are unfinished in these pictures, and were essentially being worn as a ‘test run’, to figure out where changes needed to be made before we continued them!

FarukuCostumes as Gloín
Myself as Kíli
FlamboyantWreck as Fíli

Character costumes from “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” movie.

The AMAZING photography and editing was done by Andrei G Photography. Go check out his page! https://www.facebook.com/AndreiGPhotography

Dragons are £18 (($28))

Branch Vial’s are £15 (($23))

each and come with a genuine leather cord necklace!


Each dragon is individually sculpted one of a kind, These little dragons have been guarding their hoards of gemstones for a while, be careful not to wake them! Each dragon is sculpted in polyclay on a glass jar filled with real gemstones.

The Branches hold and protect the little gemstones that have helped them grow, each glass vial is filled with gemstones and the branches are sculpted polyclay with stones embedded into the design.


Delivery will be: 

£3 Within the UK 

£5 Outside of the UK (($8))

Payments can be made via paypal. 

If you would like to claim one of these, please send an email (farukucostumes@hotmail.co.uk) or Message here on tumblr with the pendant type (tree or dragon) and which stone you would like :)


Snowleopard fullsuit for Cosmo ~ https://twitter.com/CosmoSnowmew

A few shots from today :D Will hopefully be getting a video soon too! My team from Coventry University worked on sewing together the bodysuit, paws and tail while I directed and worked on the head, feet, airbrushing and little details.

Model is the right weight for this suit but slightly too short (2”) so forgive the bagginess on the legs~

Handsome lil fox mask for Zeldrick! Sorry for the indoor-photos haven’t been able to take photos in daylight (rain wont stop!) Going to add whiskers to this fella when I get back and sort the bottom lip out (and will add the tongue when it arrives!)

 But im so pleased with this so far and am still excited to see this as a fullsuit!

Managed to get a few fullsuit shots of Sierra before she gets shipped away tomorrow!

Sierra belongs to Sidian and is a Spitz/Shepherd mix, this costume feature moving jaw, following eyes and NFT ‘hair’ on the head as well as the elbows and tail. The tail also features a weighted foam-core for extra bounce!