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Halloween witchy pin-up tutorial by Jenee Larson

Step 1. Pick a cute sweater that you want to sew this felty spooky gal to!

Step 2. Gather your felt colors. You won’t need much and 8.5x11 sheets of felt are cheap at craft stores. I chose a light pink for the body, black for the contrast broom and hat, a deep maroon for the lips, and a periwinkle grey for the hair. I used mostly scraps that I already had from other projects.

Step 3. You will want to use a washable light colored pen for outlining your shapes. Optional use of chalk for the black felt but I just eyeballed my shapes.

Step 4. Draw the body outline. Do not worry about this being sloppy since you will just flip the fabric over.

Step 5. Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut out the body shape and broom from your felt.

Step 6.Take a small fabric scrap square and trace the head shape. You will use this to sketch out your witches hair.

Step 7.Using that scrap draw the hair shape, I chose to give her bangs and some poofy volume but really go nuts and do whatever shape you want!

Step 8.Cut out shape of hair and place on your chosen color swatch. Pin or hold fabric together and cut around original stencil.

Step 9. I free handed a simple conical witch hat by measuring against the size of my pin-up’s hair.

Step 10. Don’t forget to add some lips to your witch!

Finally put all the pieces together and sew on to sweater using matching threads! You can also embroider nose and eye details on the face if you like. Get creative and pick different colors. Most importantly stay spooky and be cute