Thank you for coming to stream! sorry it was so slow and thank you all for keeping me compang!!

((btw yam i’m sry i dissapeared from your stream my computer crashed while i was eating <8( kisses )) 

Noiz’s first time touching a rabbit after getting feelings back ////////

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sir-alias-the-rising-demon said:

can you do a dramatic reading of your response to that anon who was ranting about the SJW thing?

adiostoradorable said:

"I see an ask like this, and I know you mean this genuinely from the bottom of your heart, and that’s cool, but all I can envision is just you making fart noises, just big ol fart noises coming out of your mouth instead of what you’re actually saying" In a Russian or German accent please

haku1013 said:

Record a bunch of fart noises and title it “To that one anon”

I realize that recording my OWN response is one of the most self-indulgent things I could possibly do, but if you throw two of my favorite things at me, Russian accents and making fart noises, I’m sorry, but game over, man.

So, I present

"To That One Anon"


For jacksice

Sorry for the long wait! Here’s your modern!hiccstrid :) I guess this is sort of a New York!au where Hiccup and Astrid (who are college students) like to grab some coffee or hot chocolate in the autumn and take walks in the park. They also take Toothless (who for some weird reason likes to go outside and walk despite being a housecat) and Stormfly out for walks while they’re at it hehe yay for young love