I just wanna sit and cry about how Dean would roll around on Castiel’s wings

Because they’d be softer than any mattress or bedsheet ever 

And they’d curl around him and usher him in so he would feel warm and safe

So Dean would just be engulfed by the massive black feathers

As he lies next to Castiel and holds on as he drifts to sleep

Because all they have left is each other in monsterland

No but based on what Stine said

What if the thorn was jammed at the base of his wing

So it just sent pain throughout like all of it and it was stuck there for a while

But he couldn’t reach it and didn’t tell Dean so he had to notice it himself

And Dean plucked it out and castiel’s wings just kinda twitched a minute

Then he felt SO MUCH BETTER though that part was still tender

So Dean massaged it a bit and naturally Castiel paid him with kisses later

No but if Castiel did have anything in his feathers imagine Dean picking it out

Sifting through the feathery mesh and picking out anything that might bug him

Dusting off the dirt and needles as Castiel stretches them out a bit

He lightly shakes off some of the dirt, but he doesn’t really mind dirt baths

And he cares more that Dean got a decent rest before they go exploring