- E ai Alice, não vai querer um téco de frango não? Tem cachorro quente também!!!
- Aff Maria, como vocês são sem classe. Vem pra praia pra ficar farofando na areia!!
- Aé? É que você não viu o tubarão que eu soltei ali na onda kkkkk. Já vi uns 3 esbarrando nele.
- Ai Manuel, você é o cara mais chulo que já vi na vida.
- Brigado. Posso comer o seu então?

After a while, she felt him touch her shoulder, and she jerked away. She could not help it. He had hurt her more in the past few days than anyone else ever had, and though she knew he had not wanted to do it, she could not forget that it was he who had wielded the hot iron.
Even so, when she saw how her reaction stung him, she relented and reached out and took his hand. He gave her fingers a gentle squeeze, then put his arm around her shoulders and drew her close. She resisted for a moment, then relaxed into his embrace and laid her head on his chest as she continued to cry, her quiet sobs echoing in the bare stone room.
Some minutes later, she felt him move beneath her as he said, “I’ll find a way to free you, I swear. It’s too late for Thorn and me. But not for you […].”
[…] As he was about to leave, she said, “Murtagh.”
He paused and turned to regard her.
She hesitated for a moment, then mustered her courage and said, “Why?” She tought he understood her meaning: Why her? Why save her, and now why try to rescue her? She had guessed at the answer, but she wanted to rear him say it.
He stared at her for the longest while, and then, in a low, hard voice, he said, “You know why.”
—  INHERITANCE, The Inheritance Cycle