farmisen replied to your post: Everytime I see anon hate…

I don’t even know you that well but I do know that I would stand up for you.

slip-me-the-sunshine replied to your post: Everytime I see anon hate…

I don’t think I was on tumblr at the time D: but trust me bro, I’d stick up for anyone being bullied, especially fellow Saturday nighters <3 5ever

khalesslieknope replied to your post: Everytime I see anon hate…

So sorry. You’re gr8. Never stop. People are assholes. Like I don’t understand what com pulses you to say something like that to another human being.

omg thank you all so much you’re great but I was just sad no one said ‘thats not nice’ like I’ve seen most people get hell I haven’t even really seen people get compliments over stuff like that until recently normally it is literally ‘thats not nice anon’ I never expected compliments omg I feel so bad you guys didn’t have to say this stuff